Carvin Power Amps

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    Oct 10, 2012
    What is everyone's opinion about Carvin Power amps?

    I've owned 3 Carvin guitar amps, and I have a DCM600 that I use to power my home stereo speakers (Bose 901s), and they have all been rock solid, never any problems. However I have bought 2 DCM 1000 amps, and had problems with both. They were bought used so maybe they were just abused, but I've had 1 channel fail on both units now, and I don't run them hard, I don't think I've ever run them below 8 ohms, I just power a set of small Carvin PA speakers with a 12" and horn. The second one just failed yesterday and I need to replace it.

    I've always viewed Carvin equipment as a really good value but I'm wondering if I should go with a different brand? Did I just have bad luck with the 2 used ones I bought or are they just not that reliable? I think I'll buy new this time.

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