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    - DC747 7 String Guitar
    - Floyd Rose Bridge With Locking Nut
    - Mahogany Body
    - Maple Neck
    -Ruby Red Quilted Maple Top
    - Deep Triple Set Satin Process
    - Matching Headstock
    - 5 Piece Lam Maple Neck w/ 2 Walnut Stripes
    - Neck Not Shown on Top of the Body
    - Birdseye Maple Fingerboard
    - No top Inlays (Side Dots Only)
    - Stainless Steel Jumbo Frets
    - Tung Oiled Finish Back of Neck
    - Black Hardware
    - Engraved Truss Rod Cover: RI-7
    - Vintage Tweed Case


    I really like the sound of this guitar. It's a little brighter than you would normally expect from a Mahogany guitar but I do enjoy that. I had been playing basswood guitars for a few years already and had forgotten how awesome Mahogany sounded. It still has that solid low end but not as dark. The clarity on this thing is AMAZING. I know a lot of people complain about the pickups and I can see why. However, I am really digging them. It's interesting how most like the neck pickup better than the bridge but in my case the opposite is true. The bridge pickup is medium output, it is crunchy but it will not push/overdrive your amp like an EMG/X2N would. It does not have a bass response like a Tone Zone/Blaze custom either. It's very balanced, and clear so all you low and high notes have definition and cut through. The neck pickup is also medium gain and it is really nice and smooth, great for leads. Again, bassyness is somewhat sacrificed in favor of clarity here; I particularly enjoy this since it allows me to get a beautiful clean sound on the neck pickup without it sounding too fat or dark. However, I would have preferred it having a little higher output but it no problem since I have a lead boost. The single coil of course has a lower output than the humbuckers but it's relatively loud (still wish it was louder) and clear, my favorite for clean. I don't care for coil taps.

    Action, Fit & Finish:

    I am usually not concerned with this section since I have a particular preference on action and set up (and I thin most of us do too). However, I must say this guitar came set up flawlessly and in perfect tune from the factory. The action was pretty close to my liking as well. it only took minor tweaks to get it to play how I wanted to. The stock strings were super nice too. Still, I restrung it with Curt Mangan 10's. What can I say? I'm picky. The finish is awesome, It looks better than I was expecting. If you get a flame/Quilt maple make sure to always ask for a Deep Triple Satin upgrade, it make you finish deeper, darker and better defined. The guitar is heavier than my RG7 because of my wood of choice but it's totally comfortable and the upper fret access in the best I've seen. Electronics are sweet too. Many people complain about the trem not being an OFR since they are known to be the best. Still, I have played OFR's, Edge Pro's, Lo-TRS's and this LFR is much better than many of the mentioned. I have no problem diving, squealing and staying in tune. The bridge itself is solid. The trem arm is kinda sucky but not a big deal to me. The neck is rounder than a Wizard 7, I like it better personally. The Tung Oil in the back of the neck is the best finish for fast, smooth playing, I dig it.


    This instrument was able to make it to Florida all the way from California via UPS ground so I trust it to be reliable. I have had it for 12 days (had a 10 day trial preiod) and it nothing has failed. Everything seems really well made and sturdy. That's why I chose this guitar as my main 7. I tust it to be reliable.

    Customer Support:

    I ordered my gutiar through the phone with Eddie, one of their sales reps. He was very knowledgeble and helpful when assisting me with the order. I took all his suggestion and I am glad I did. He was pretty much right on everything he recommended. I hear that they hardly ever reply to emails but I've never emailed them. They picked up whenever I called and were polite. My guitar was delayed 2.5 weeks from it's completion date. That upset me but I see that these incidents are common with Carvin and pretty much every other custom guitar builder. My guitar took 10.5 week from the day I ordered to the day I got it. Not bad I guess. Since the day I got it i have a 10 day trial period with no questions asked return option. Now that I am satisfied with my guitar I get a 5 year warranty. Very cool!

    Overall Rating:

    I have been playing for 10 years and I currently play Progressive/Power Metal. I must say that I am really happy with my DC747. It's everything I wanted on a 7 string. I waited the 10 days to give it a workout and see it it was really for me. It is. I did invest quite a wad of money on this instrument ($1,800) but for the price, it's the best guitar I could have gotten. When searching for a guitar I was between a EBMM JP7 and a Universe 7, then someone mentioned Carvin and I immediately loved this model. I am glad I went with Carvin since I got a guitar I like made to my specs. No pickups/trem/electronics change plans any time in the near future. Now I can't wait to get a 6 string form them! :hbang:
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    Really beautiful guitar!!!
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    that Ruby Red with the maple board looks great!

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