(CA)5 or 6 string bassist wanted for progressive djent metalcore band

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    We play 7 string guitars and we need a bassist that can play 5 or 6 string bass. We are influenced by bands like periphery, after the burial, animals as leaders, meshuggah, etc... We are from Orange county, California. We are currently writing an EP at the moment and already have an album artist working on the album art who has worked with bands such as bring me the horizon, last chance to reason, and heaven shall burn. We are professional and dedicated musicians trying to find the last piece to this puzzle. To see some guitar work of what the lead guitarist is capable of in this band here is a link.. TCT Tidbits - New: 8/9/10 | got-djent.com. He is playing a 6 string here just doing some solo stuff but our whole album will be with 7 strings. If anyone is anywhere near our area and would like to come and try out just email bjohnson1485@gmail.com. We will respond quickly with a scratch track for you to learn so that you may come and audition. Thanks much. :)
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    This is pretty sweet. Too bad I'm on the opposite side of North America. :(

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