Burn Witch

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    Here's a piece of home video. The singer in this clip killed himself. We all miss him. It seems like a hell of a waste. Please, if you're bummed out, just remember that music is the reward, not record deals or endorsements. A world without music sucks. We have our place and they need us, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. :hbang:



    Burn witch, you must burn
    Burn witch, you must burn

    Burn, witch, burn

    The clouds in the sky just drift by
    The moonlight's trace... a smile on her face

    Gathered in scorn
    One twice born
    Looks in her eyes
    Shudders as she cries

    She's dancing with the devil
    Walking on a razor's edge
    Screaming in the firelight
    Nobody helps her

    Taken by an evil force
    Trying to possess the girl
    From beyond the grave
    The haunting of Morella

    Darkened thoughts and doings
    Ultimately ruining
    Many lives of children
    Thrown into the cauldron

    Consistently rebellious
    Never stop to count the cost
    Now the only way to learn
    Is to make the witches burn

    The sword of Michael cuts you down
    From your infernal flight you fall
    Future home within the ground
    This night we'll see you burn
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