Build a PC or steam machine? PC noob.

Discussion in 'Computers, Electronics, IT & Gaming' started by MoshJosh, Apr 13, 2016.

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    Just don't go crazy ;P I wishlisted a max FPS 1440p dual monitor beast and hit $3200 :( Two M.2 SSDs and top tier 27" monitors didn't help the price tag.
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    roll with pc, load up steam and you are good to go. also most games on steam anymore that are console do have controller support. I can literally plug in an xbox 360 controller into the pc and it plays exactly like the console for stuff like witcher 3 and say borderlands. and you get 100x better graphics. you literally are only limited by the power of the graphics cards and other hardware. memorial day is probably good time to get stuff on sale coming up too. steam doesn't nickel and dime you like a console will either, steam can notify you if something you have on a wishlist goes on sale which is kind of cool. it's a really quality platform these days that doesn't bombard you with ads like Microsoft dashboard.
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    Build your own pc. All else being equal (not saying it is), It's not hard to build from components and very satisfying when you boot that bad boy up and it's working as expected. You'll thank yourself later for having learned the skills to build (and upgrade) your own PC.
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    Yea, build a PC. They are very cheap ways of going about and it can be great fun.

    I've actually just gone the route of trying the steamlink so I can have my main desktop gamer rig in my office hooked up to a traditional keyboard & mouse rig and then have my lazy controller days on the couch. It seems to be working pretty great.

    Some recommendations from my years of PC building:

    • don't skimp on the powersupply - Seasonic (who also makes the wonderful Corsair PSUs) & PC Power and Cooling are your best bets. You probably don't need as much power as you might think. I've been running the same Corsair 700 watt for 5 years now.
    • Spend for a good GPU. Shoot for the best performance per dollar amount in the middle tier. The GTX970 is pretty much the king in that area atm.
    • Processor is less important than you think. You can go the super budget route and get an easily overclockable Pentium or just the AMD route and save on the platform cost as well. Look at benchmarks and make a determination, but if you need to save money, this is the best place to do it.
    • Don't use the stock CPU cooler, always up-spend on a decent quality cooler, the AIO water coolers from Corsair are a pretty great value, but a good quality tower cooler is as good or better in some cases. Again, defer to overclocking review sites in making a final determination
    • Unless you're planning on recording 8Gb of ram is plenty for gaming.
    Good luck and have fun building!
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    Jun 7, 2016
    Wow, I had a great maching, but after I denied from it.
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    UPDATE: alright so I guess I'm ready to start buying parts. . . Well sort of ready, ready to start narrowing down what I need/want. Keep in mind, as said early I know very little about PCs so forgive my ignorance... but I talked to a friend with a little experience to get a bit of an idea.

    Thinking of going with:
    GTX 980
    Intel i5
    Full size ATX motherboard (need suggestions)
    Fractal r5 case
    2 solid state drives (need suggestions)

    Also need suggestions for EVERYTHING ELSE!!!
  7. Pav

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    I would recommend looking at the new GTX 1000-series Nvidia cards. The GTX 1070 will be more powerful yet still cheaper than a GTX 980. For solid state drives, I would look at the Samsung EVO line. They aren't the cheapest but they're great drives and as lightning fast as you would expect from a SSD. Also, try to hone in on what exact processor you want before you decide on a motherboard. The newest Intel Core CPUs use a different socket than what had been more or less the "standard" for years. With that recent shift, you'll want to decide on a processor and then look at motherboards with the appropriate socket.

    Oh and definitely get some RAM. Your PC may end up running pretty badly without RAM. :lol:
  8. Asrial

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    As mentioned, don't go 980, now that the 1070 is here and is cheap; get the EVGA is possible. And what i5 processor do you want to use? The 6600 is a great allrounder.

    For the motherboard, just take something that supports your CPU, as well as has DDR4 support. Asus makes some pretty neat ones.

    You need a power supply in your rig. I'd recommend AT LEAST 500W, but 750W gives you some nice headroom to play with.

    I wouldn't go dual SSD; SSDs are expensive for its size, and can only withstand so many read and write cycles before degrading. Use a 120GB SSD for your OS, while get an HDD with 1-2TB of storage. Games will load a tad slower, but you can fit sooo many more onto it!

    For ram, just get 2x4GB of the highest clock speed you can find, of the DDR4 variety of course. If you want, go 2x8GB and your computer should fare well in a recording environment!

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