Blue Chip Jazz 60 Pick

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    Durability: I've tried every jazz iii styled pick under the sun and this one is hands down the best for me. The gravity gold mini sunrise was pretty good but nowhere near as durable. If Winspear starts making a jazz III shape then that would be the only other pick I'd recommend over this one as far as durability. I've played with this pick exclusively for a few months now (playing for at least a few hours every day, going from hard strumming/trem picking to everything else) with no wear whatsoever.
    : I'm very picky about pick noise (pun not intended) and next to a dunlop 205 or d'andrea pro plec jazz this is one of the quieter picks I've used. The overall tone when used with an acoustic is a slightly more mellow/warmer tone than the gravity gold or my winspear bloodline shiv. If you like more of a raw/aggressive pick attack, this is definitely not for you.
    Grip: The pic has a slightly tacky feel to it when you start to sweat, though personally I'm going to put some grip tape on it to prevent it from moving. I've had some problems with it shifting in my hands while playing, though that was more due to having a loose grip. With a good grip it shouldn't move much if at all while playing.
    Pick Shape: The pick is slightly sharper than a jazz iii, with a slightly narrower profile on the sides. The bevels are also smoother than your typical jazz iii, which helps keep a smooth sound if you angle your pick a lot.
    [​IMG]20170717_074844 by al b, on Flickr
    [​IMG]20170717_075603 by al b, on Flickr
    Playability: This pick was meant to go fast. It glides over strings without chirping/scraping while also being plenty stiff enough for trem picking or really digging in for chords.
    Cost/Benefit ratio: If you're looking for the most durable and the most versatile production line jazz iii pick, this is it. These are not cheap (this one was 40 usd) but if you were looking for comparable durability I'd recommend getting a hold of some UHMPWE and making your own jazz iii picks (which I've done). BHL picks sells blanks of UHMPWE. I highly recommend this pick if you're sick of buying picks all the time because they get worn out too quickly or if you want an excellent jazz iii pick. If you lose picks a lot though, I wouldn't recommend this pick.
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    Nice! Thanks for sharing all your experience with us

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