Bareknuckle Pig 90 P90 Single Coil

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    Ever since getting my tele and gold top les paul, both outfitted with P90 pickups, I've gotten a little obsessed with the tonal nature of this type of pickup.

    Lets start from the beginning. From the day I clicked "order" to the day they shipped was only 6 days. Thats really quick.

    Install was about the same as any other pickup. They use the vintage braided outer/cloth interior wiring. I mean, I get it, but a multiconductor wire would be immensely more practical. The "ears" that the height adjustment screws go into were too wide for my pickup cavity so had to trim them down bit.

    Now for sound. Here is the BKP spec page. I was ably to carry on playing some metal with some EQing. The palm mutes are nice and chunky and the response to picking feels really good. I like using alot of big chords in my playing, and this pickup is a godsend in that respect. All 7 strings can be heard clearly when played in one big chord. The cleans sound great, as do nearly all single coils in clean settings.

    If you want classic crunch and clarity, but with a kick in the ass, this is the pickup to get.

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