Back to the gym: getting motivated

Discussion in 'Lifestyle, Health, Fitness & Food' started by 7 Dying Trees, Jun 3, 2006.

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    How do people here stay motivated? I've recently gone back to start using the gym again as i thought it was about time to sort myself out, buty i find it hard to get motivated to go, and while there i find it almost impossible to puch myself in some areas.

    So how do y'all do it? I don't mind going, but it is like giving myself electro-shock therapy...
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    you have to change your attitude towards working out. i used to think that i'd rather sit around and watch a movie than go get sweaty, have to take a shower, waste all that time, then just be tired when it's all said and done.

    these days, i think about how many more chicks i get looking my way. plus, once you get over the hump and find a rhythm with it, your energy levels will actually go up. maintaining gets easier the more you stick with it.

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