B.C Rich Stealth Pro 7

Discussion in 'Guitar Reviews' started by enemyofreality, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I've had this guitar now for around 4 months and it is still just a dream to play and look at. I was going to get an agile interceptor pro at first but i changed my mind when I saw this. The only thing that turned me off was that it was a signature model and the rumored neck dive. Luckily and weirdly I got mine and it dosnt have mark rizzo's name on the the truss rod cover. It just says Stealth 7 tnt. So there is no signature anything on it.

    Edit: No idea why the pictures aren't showing up maybe I'm an idiot.

    Features: It features a 25 1/2 scale which is enough for me. I dont really down tune and I didn't feel much of a difference playing my friends 27 scale agile except harder stretches. A Mahogany body, Neck through Maple neck, Ebony fretboard, Grover tuners, emg 707 in the neck and a 85-7 in the bridge which both seem to kick plenty of ass. 24 jumbo frets which is a necessity. Also an original floyd. That really sold me on this guitar. I will never buy another guitar with a cheap ass licensed floyd. I hate them. It has a volume knob and a 3 way toggle. Good stuff. Considering it only cost me 800. I also got a beautiful fitted case with it which bumped it up to 930 with taxes.

    Sound: While my rig is pretty horrid(solid state epiphone halfstick running through a pod 2.0). This guitar still finds a way to shine through all the shit. And when I get to plug it into something a bit more sinister the guitar screams. I can get the tone I want out of this guitar which is more then enough for me. It has a very gigantic thick sound to it which is the first thing I noticed about it. It just crushes. I'm very happy with it

    Action Fit and Finish: The action was nice and low when I got it. Of course I lowered it even more :evil:. But It can go lower then I need it too which is saying a lot because I've always been about low low action. It plays amazing and after I set it up it plays better then anything I've touched. The finish is very slick and sexy black. It gets full of finger prints but it is tough paint. I've bumped it a few times and nothing. Durable and beautiful. As far as I'm concerned the finish is next to perfect. Especially for the price.

    Reliability: I've had this guitar for 4 month and it hasn't given me any trouble at all. It is a solid guitar. No Complaints about its reliability.

    Customer Support: I haven't had to deal with them. No comment

    Overall Rating:
    This guitar is next to perfect for the price and definitely one of the best ones in the price range. If your into weird shapes otherworldly metal then this guitar comes with everything you need. The only complaints I have about it is it does have a pretty nasty neck dive but just resting your arm on the wing takes care of this. The other one is instead of have a battery compartment for the emgs they put it in the guitar next to the pots. Which is a little annoying because you have to unscrew shit to get to it. I really wish they would have just installed one..
    But if your looking for a nice guitar in this range then definitely consider this one. B.C Rich is really trying to regain they're reputation for good guitars and it definitely showing it with this.
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    Digging that B.C Rich Stealth Pro 7, how is the access on the upper frets (around the neck-to-body area)?

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