Any powerlifters here? First meet on Saturday, need pointers!

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    So my first powerlifting (mock/non-sanctioned) meet is on Saturday. It's a cancer benefit, etc., etc. After spinning my wheels for about 2-3 years in bodybuilding style training, I've been powerlifting for the past 3 1/2 months, and I love it. I'm doing this meet to gain a feel for the competitive side of the sport. I'm mid cut (200 to about 163) and am currently at 172, at about 5'9". I was planning on these lifts: Bench: 165/185/195-205 Deadlift 235/265-270/290-295 and Squat 205/225/235-240, being able to rep all my second attempts 5x5 (5/3/1 for deadlift) comfortably. Any pointers or tips for both my numbers and general meet issues or problems? I'm not incredibly nervous for my lifts, just at the prospect of grinding over 235 for squat and failing, as I haven't had a chance to squat from an open/regulation rack yet. Thanks alot in advance guys!
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    I trained and competed from the late 80s when I was in high school up until 2009, I didn't intend on retiring from the sport and still miss it - I think about making another run at an elite total but it'd probably kill me this time lmao The most important things off the top of my head - depending on what and where you are lifting, get a good grasp of the rules for the sanctioning fed as they can vary from fed to fed. Warm-ups - they are just that, don't over-tax yourself in the warm-up room and I always made my first lift my last warm-up. Just start with the bar and go up from there doing triples or doubles - even easy singles, just enough to get you warm and ready to lift.

    Planning your attempts...make sure your opener is something you can do on your worst day, second attempt go for your meet goal or a pr, third, let it all hang on this one but don't attempt something that'll get you hurt just because your adrenaline is going. Watch how the flights are running and gauge your warm-up to this, you don't want to be finished warming-up and then have to wait for the flight before you to finish.

    Get someone to come with you if you can to be your handler, if no one is available, people there will be willing to help - some of the coolest and most helpful people you'll meet at these meets, if you need help or have questions about anything, don't be afraid to ask someone. You can judge your attempts on how your opener and 2nd attempts go, have your handler give the director your attempts and save your energy and concentration on the meet.

    I assume you're lifting raw, make sure to have all your gear/singlet/belt/etc together the night before - ammonia caps are your best friend, try to get some or buy some off of someone at the meet and use them right before your attempts - except for your openers, usually. Generic Vivarin/caffeine tabs are good and I'd suggest taking at least 200mgs during your warm-ups for the squat - up to 400mgs total but not over that - it'll keep you focused and get you good and wired.

    Most of all, have fun and don't get overzealous and injure yourself. Be prepared for squat and rack commands on the squat, press and rack commands on the bench, and very important, don't let your deadlift down 'til you get the down command from the head judge. You're in California? I've got a few friends that still compete out there and depending where you are might be there. It's been a long damn day and I probably left some stuff out, but let me know if you have any specific questions and keep us posted on how you do. Good luck and have a great time, man!
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    The last paragraph from the above post!

    Squat to depth, and have fun! PL meets are addictive, you'll most probably meet some great people and forge friendships by staying in the sport.

    Let us kmow how it goes!

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