Animals As Leaders Signature Picks

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    Animals As Leaders have two different styles of fantastic signature pick. The Dunlop AALP03 Tosin Abasi Signature pick and the Dunlop AALP 02/01 Animals As Leaders Primetone picks.

    The Tosin Abasi Signature Tortex Jazz III 0.60mm

    Tosin Abasi SignatureThe minimalist blue design against the brilliant white is magnificent. These plectrums feel a little Powdery to the touch because of the tortex design. This powdery feel creates friction against the string which gives excellent grip on the string and allows for complete control. If you throw some distortion into the mix you get a gritty grungy sound. Awesome.

    The Dunlop AAL03s gauge comes in at 0.60mm so it is on the lighter side of the medium picks. This medium-light gauge gives you enough heaviness to batter out low-end rhythm while having enough flexibility to sweep over the strings like Abasi himself. The extra large size gives you all the control you could possibly need to master the fretboard.

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