Amplion by Audified & Brainworx amps! Reviews and demo's inside...

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    Hi guys,

    I recently posted 2 more gear demonstration videos so I thought I'd just do one post about both platforms here.

    Let's talk about Audified's ampLion Pro first.
    AmpLion is a pretty cool 'all-in-one' amp modeling platform (plugin) with many tonal options.
    It's already about 10 years old (if I'm correct) but it still holds up pretty well!

    The plugin features a tuner, quite a lot of effect pedals and stomps, 9 amp models (some of them with multipe channels and switches), a cab/mic simulator and an IR loader.
    The effects and stomps sound good although the tubescreamer emulation did lack a bit of low-cut which normally tends to tighten up the tone.
    The amp simulations are pretty realistic sounding with a nice edge and I really like the fact that some of the amps, like the Rectifier, have more channel selections.
    I was a bit bummed out that they decided to leave out the Red Modern channel for some reason although the other channels do sound fairly convincing.

    Another cool thing is that you can change pre and power amps around or just use the pre amp and turn the power amp off.
    I did have some trouble in Cubase 9.5 with slow loading times, perhaps because of the fact that this plugin is a little dated.

    If you're looking at full-on amp platforms, this could be a cool option but I do advise to check out the demo first.

    Anyone ever use this plugin?

    Here is a demo of the platform in 9 different styles:

    Then, the Brainworx amps.

    Brainworx offers a few different amp models on their website.
    There are Mesa Boogie Recto emulations, there is a Bassman emulation, a few ENGL's and all-in-one 'rock rack' platform featuring multiple amps and more.

    I got my hands on a few of these so I thought I'd drop a quick review here too.

    I think the sound coming from these plugins is pretty good.
    To me the amp sounds feel kind of raw as opposed to some of the more 'polished' platforms out there.
    Unfortunately the ENGL amps weren't for me though, probably taste but I couldn't get a good sound out of the more high gain one.
    The Recto's and Bassguy were nice though and they delivered a fat and round sound.

    The V3 Rock Rack plugin is also pretty cool because it features a bunch of amps in one.
    Some clean stuff all the way up to shreddy high gain.
    Another cool thing about all of these plugins is that you can tweak them a little further if you go to the advanced settings menu.

    However, one HUGE drawback of these plugins is the price.
    250 bucks for one single amp is a lot of cash to ask, especially if you compare it to Thermionik, where you could get one amp for about 8 or 9 bucks.
    So if you don't have a lot of cash to spare these plugins probably aren't for you.
    I also didn't find the internal IR's to be that good but you can definitely get some good sounds with them if you put some work into it.

    For this platform I also recommend trying the demo versions first before buying.

    If anyone here has ever used these, it would be cool to also know your thoughts!

    Here is also a video in 9 styles of a few different Brainworx amps:

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    Just the price alone is an argument in it self to support the smaller companies out there, like Kazrog. 250 bucks for one amp, that's virtual?
    Hows bouts some nopes.

    I'm guessing UAD amp plugins are pretty expensive too, but afaik at least they don't disappoint. Anyone have experience with those?
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    Awesome videos, as always, and thanks for the written reviews too!

    I must say that I can't see paying the money Brainworx wants for its sims when you can buy entire packages/suites for that kind of money, amazing ones too.
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