Agile Septor Pro 727

Discussion in 'Guitar Reviews' started by rchrd_le, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Jan 23, 2011
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    I bought this a while ago, probably a month or 2 after signing up for this forum. I love this guitar to death and I WILL be brutally honest.

    FEATURES: It has one tone knob, a volume knob and a pickup switch (clicks 3 times) The reverse headstock really helps me out with tuning a lot! Nothing fact, just a preference instead of having to reach above to tune the damn thing. It also has 2 Cefueus active humbuckers.

    SOUND: This is my favorite, I can honestly say it's the best sounding guitar I've ever played! The clean on this is unimaginable nice! Might be the active pickups workin' their magic but I'm not complaining. The distortion on this sound really chunky (good way). Chords sound a lot fuller. Trust I compared it to my old BC Rich, my friend's BC Rich and his Ibanez (All 6strings by the way)

    ACTION AND FINISH: The action on this is perfect fro tapping and shredding up and down the neck. The strings are closer to the fret board, that just makes it a whole lot easy for me since I'm a 2 handed tapping guy. The finish I thought looked cool, but I brought it to GuitarCenter one day and they said the finish was "supposed" to be kind of holographic, but my Agile wasn't. It still looks badass to me.

    OVERALL: I think it's a wonderful guitar and I suggest everyone to get one. This exact one for me was only $600. Their other guitars range around that price. I plan on getting an 8 string next from Agile. Not sold in retail, just Google where to get one. Thanks for reading my review dudes!
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    Jan 2, 2011
    Nice little review. I'm interested in that 7.

    I have an Agile 8 myself, if you are thinking about one, don't think about it any longer and get yourself one! Mine plays great :)!

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