About to drop cash on an expensive amp head- looking for advice

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by Omega139, Sep 29, 2017.

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    Is that a bad thing? :p
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    No... not necessarily... just would make for a boring existence. :village:

    Though I do agree that gear prices are getting really up there. :agreed:
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    BE100 is a hot Marshall, of course. It sounds great and has nifty features, but at the end of the day if you just want a nice sounding Marshall: I'd get a Marshall and boost it with a pedal for really high gain stuff. I liked the Friedman, but I'd take a JCM 800 any day unless I absolutely needed channel switching etc.

    The VH4 is vastly different. I've had a few. The sound is one thing. A LOT of low end but almost like a high-passed recording so that it stays very tight. And it just sounds different from Marshalls. And the feel is almost bizarre. It took me a few minutes to even get my head around what it was doing to me. Almost like the amp was pushing back against my notes. It's a brilliant amp and nothing I've played really does what it does. Ultimately I got annoyed by how "narrow" it sounded. In a way it sounds so huge, but again like it's being high and low passed to cut off some top and bottom frequencies.

    I've had a SLO too. Also a pretty different amp. The Crunch channel is very good. Darker and smoother than a JCM 800 but very meaty and a great overdriven rock sound. The Lead channel is magnificent for soaring lead tone. It just breathes and inspires you to play and play. It doesn't have nearly the thump of either the BE100 or VH4. It has a reputation for being bright and sounding good only at high volume: neither is well deserved. Just adjust the controls. But: IMHO it has a narrow sweet spot for gain. Too low and OMG its weak and brittle sounding. Too high and it's mushed out. It tells you how much overdrive you can have and you have to live with it.
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