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    Well, the stock headset that came with my 360 Slim is a piece of crap, nobody can ever hear me through the mic unless it's glued to my mouth or I am yelling.

    Therefore, I am in the market for a new headset. I'd prefer one that had a single earpiece and was only for chatting. I'm fine with the sound from my TV. If there isn't a good headset like that I'd be willing to get a stereo headset. I suppose I want to spend up to $60. Throw me some suggestions. I've been shopping around and reading reviews, but I'm still too nervous to bite the bullet on anything. Thank you! :wavey:
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    Turtle Beach EARFORCE X12 for Xbox 360 | GameStop

    Bought these when my more expensive Tritons died. Unless you are super-hardcore about hearing peoples footsteps in Call Of Duty every time, all the time, even when you are 10ft from your headset, anything more than $100 isn't too necessary. In fact, I am not replacing the Tritons, these are just as good.

    These are comfortable, sound good, and fairly durable.

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