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    Ok I spend a lot of money in my recording/rehersal studio I own so I come across a lot of gear people owe me money they give it to me. Or I just read an article somewhere. or I just purchase to have at one time or another..well I run a simple rack system Guitar/Zaolla cables/Line 6 pod pro Upgraded 3.2/Kosmos In the effects loop of the Line 6 with a Eventide dsp 7000 in the Kosmos's chain/from that to a Axess BS2 Buffer :p /to my very own amp a friend and my self have created (and produce now) a Billy 7 :D made especially for 7 string guitars. That are tuned low. well I just added the Axess BS2 and I must say you all must look into this toy...if you run stereo,or two separate amps at the same time. My power amp is 120 watts to side, two channels so I run this BS2 from my output line 6 pod pro to the axess it splits my signal BUFFS IT and sends to to stereo... I will quote the Axess people here..the bs2 guitar audio buffer/splitter prevents the loss of (1) signal level (2) high end frequency response and (3) low end punch that is caused by cable capacitance and poorly designed input stage/circuitry of some effects pedals. you all must try this i swere best investment i have made in years...lt makes shred notes clean and crisp..turns crunch into KRUNCH :yum: ......ask for Mario when you call to order..owe yeah mention my name Billy jerich Frederick :wavey: ..maybe you'll get a discount...they are $120.00 :agreed: and it is smaller than a cigarette box...i velcrowed mine into the bottom of my rack...runs off 9volt battery ot BOSS power plug.... :cool: :D :cool:

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