8 string acoustic soundhole pickup by MJS Custom Pickups

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    Behold! A custom 8 string acoustic magnetic soundhole pickup made by MJS Custom Pickups! I contacted them about having an 8 string stacked soundhole humbucker made for my Agile Renaissance 827 NAEQ and they did not disappoint. This is made of Richlite, which you would swear is fine grained ebony. The tone is stupendously amazing! It's a vast improvement over the onboard piezo, or any piezo in my opinion. It is useable straight into a flat mixer channel, delicious with mids cut to taste. These are available as a drop-in setup to plug in to the existing Gentro onboard preamp's 2.5mm jack and include a piece of copper foil tape with wire soldered to it that you use to ground the strings. They work for guitars with no electronics as well, but you have to install an endpin jack. I chose to install the included jack and wire the pickup direct to it passive and process it outboard with a Dano EQ pedal and a Sansamp Para Driver DI. It's the perfect pickup for throwing 1200 Watts at 2 Greenboy f112s and avoiding feedback. I call it the Quackslayer 8000, that's not an official MJS designation. http://www.mjscustompickups.com/ (not an endorser, just a happy customer)

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