50 Metal, Metalcore, & Hardcore CD's CHEAP

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    I've got 50 metal, metalcore, & hardcore cd's here. All are in jewel-cases with inserts (unless its a digipak). I will sell all 50 for $100, 25 for $50 or if you just want to buy one or two groups of them for $35 a group, that's cool too. This is just about $2 a cd and there's good stuff here! A fair bit of rare out of print older metalcore. Just cleaning out the collection and trying to raise a little dough for a couple sets of new pickups. USA shipping is a little extra but will be UPS and you will get tracking info and insurance. One lot costs $15 to ship. Let's say $25 shipping if you buy 'em all. If you're overseas, I'll consider shipping without jewelcases but will need serious interest to get a shipping quote for you and shipping would be the pricier USPS, non-trackable. I can accept Paypal or US Postal Money Orders. Some ref's here and under ebay id 'creativeeclipse'. PM me if interested. Working a lot the next few days so don't despair if I don't get back to you immediately. The LIST:

    Group 1:
    All Else Failed - This Never Happened 2004 (Abacus)
    All Else Failed - Archetype 2001 (Now Or Never)
    As Cities Burned - Son I Loved You At Your Darkest 2005 (Solid State)
    All That Remains - The Fall of Ideals 2006 (Prosthetic)
    Arsis - A Celebration of Guilt 2004 (Willowtip)
    As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us 2007 (Metal Blade)
    As I Lay Dying - The Powerless Rise 2010 (Metal Blade)
    As The Sun Sets - Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence (Moment Of Clarity)
    Barrit - Smiles Upon The Stroke That Murders Me 1998 (Ellington)
    Beloved - The Running 2004 (Solid State)
    Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus 2003 (Victory)
    Between The Buried And Me - Between The Buried And Me 2002 (Victory)
    Between The Buried And Me - Alaska 2005 (Victory)
    Bird of Ill Omen - Self, Dare You Still Breath? 1997 (Eulogy)
    Blood Has Been Shed - Spirals 2003 (Ferret)
    Burn It Down - Eat Sleep Mate Defend 1998 (Escape Artist)

    Group 2:
    Darkest Hour - Undoing Ruin 2005 (Victory)
    Deadwater Drowning - Deadwater Drowning 2003 (Black Market Activities)
    December - The Lament Configuration 2002 (Earache)
    Drowningman - Busy Signal At The Suicide Hotline (Hydrahead)
    Earth Crisis - Gomorrah's Season Ends 1996 (Victory)
    Earth Crisis - Slither 2000 (Victory) Booklet has some warping from water damage.
    East West Blast Test - Chris Dodge & Dave Witte 2000 (Slapaham)
    From Here On - Hope For A Bleeding Sky 2005 (Tribunal)
    Human Abstract - Nocturne 2006 (Hopeless)
    If Hope Dies - Life In Ruin 2006 (Ironclad/Metal Blade)
    Intronaut - Null 2006 (Goodfellow)
    It Dies Today - Sirens 2006 (Trustkill)
    Kiss It Goodbye - Choke 1999 (Revelation)
    Labrat - Ruining it For Everyone 2002 (Century Media)
    Length Of Time - Shame To This Weakness Modern World (Goodlife)

    Group 3:
    Nora - Kill You For A Dollar (Ferret)
    Nora - The Neverendingyouline 1999 (Trustkill)
    Nora - Dreamers and Deadmen 2003 (Trustkill)
    Maharahj - Repetition (Now Or Never)
    Maharahj - A Replication of the Process and Product 1999 (Now Or Never)
    Maharahj - Chapter One: The Descent 1999 (Now Or Never)
    Mnemic - Mechanical Spin Phenomenon 2003 (Nuclear Blast)
    Mnemic - The Audio Injected Soul 2004 (Nuclear Blast)
    Red Sky - Knife Behind The Smile 1998 (Endless Fight)
    Scarlet - This Was Always Meant To Fall Apart 2006 (Ferret)
    Sevenday Curse - After The Storm 1999 (Tortuga)
    Shadows Fall - The War Within 2004 (Century Media)
    Shai Hulud - That Within Blood Ill Tempered 2003 (Revelation)
    The Killing - What Is Yet To Come 2003 (self)
    Torn Apart - The Fifty-Ninth Session (Ferret)
    Torn Apart - Ten Songs For The Bleeding Hearts 1999 (Ferret)
    Training For Utopia - The Falling Cycle 1997 (Solid State)
    Walls of Jericho - A Day And A Thousand Years (Eulogy)
    Will Haven - Carpe Diem 2001 (Revelation)
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    can i buy just the deadwater drowning cd? 10 to your paypal for it shipped
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    Could I buy just the Arsis disc?

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