3 Full HD videos with multi-track sound of my band + Live EP record

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    Good afternoon all. Noosfera is the band in which I sing and play the guitar, and we have just released our first live EP record. We also released 3 Full HD videos of that gig. Sound was recorded on 15 tracks, then mixed and mastered. For the matter, I use an Ibanez RG470 (downtuned 6 string) a POD HD500 and a Nativo 110w transistor amp head. I also use a Line 6 Relay G30 wireless guitar system to avoid the inconveniences of using a cable on stage. I plugged the head into 2 Marshall 4x12 cabs that day:

    You can listen the full record on Spotify: spotify:album:7zh0h2vrw7NH3ca53ZCAPA

    Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/noosfera_arg/sets/noosfera-vivo-metal-fest-2015

    Or download it from any of these links:
    Noosfera - Vivo Metal Fest 2015 (2015)

    I hope you enjoy them!
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