FS 2 Fryette Fatbottom 2X12 cabinets

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    I've switched to just playing through a Kemper and headphones in my apartment, So having a poweramp and 2 cabs was a bit overkill. The Cabs are in excellent shape. They are both in the same condition even though the pictures in my listings are only of 1 of them.

    The 100-watt Fryette FatBottom FB212 is a low profile straight 2X12 speaker cab with a vertical baffle, featuring Mono-Stereo input capability. Impedance is 8 ohm in mono mode and 16 ohm/channel in stereo mode. Plug in casters included.

    The Fryette FatBottom speaker systems feature high-quality Baltic birch materials, manufactured on CNC (computer numerical control) cutting equipment for accurate assembly and bullet-proof construction. The 12 inch speakers are front-mounted for wide dispersion. Front mounting the Fryette speakers also allow for a well-sealed enclosure with virtually no air leaks, producing a tight, focused low end quality, extended projection and excellent power handling capacity.

    Modifications (if any): None
    Accessories (hardshell case etc): N/A
    Location (City,State or City,Country):
    San Rafael CA
    International OK? : no
    Contact Info (No Phone #s)
    Pm me
    References (eBay or other forum userid): Plenty of deals here and Ebay-

    My eBay: Summary
    User ID neongekko (Feedback score 222)
    Price (include currency and if firm/obo):
    $700 each OBO
    since my Photobucket is dead pics are here- https://reverb.com/item/6038569-fryette-fatbottom-2x12-cabinet-1

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