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    1. Spaced Out Ace
      Spaced Out Ace
      Well, if you can guarantee that the JJ's won't blow up [the stories of failed JJ tubes scare me, but I *believe* those are mostly for the pre tubes], that would be sweet. I really don't want to attempt taking out a broken tube. =S

      Then again, the SED/=C= KT88s do look pretty sweet and interesting. Anyways, I'll email you later today or tomorrow most likely.

      Thanks as always.
    2. Spaced Out Ace
      Spaced Out Ace
      Yo bimzloth, did you get my PM a few weeks ago? It was about the BKP I never got, and that I got pickups to try out instead.

      Hm, actually. Can you ship tested/matched tubes without much problems? Possibly thinking about =C= KT88s or some Sov's as backup to the ones in my amp, and a few pre tubes [Sovtek LPS for the PI for instance]. Then we wouldn't have to deal with a refund on a credit card.

      Anyways, thanks a lot! Loving the amp.
    3. sunbasket
      Hey Zimbimbloth, I think it's BKP time for me... the PAF7's in my 7620 just aren't hitting the front of the Invader hard enough to say the least. They chime in the cleans pretty nicely, but I've lost that growl. I've EQ'd the snot out of the amp and I don't think compensating with gain is the answer.

      I've read the threads... apparently MM-7 set is great for these basswood/maple/rosewood. "Ben" from BKP recommended Nailbomb or MM set. But you're the damn expert right! I'm very curious about a Warpig bridge / MM neck... is that in the realm of sanity?
    4. toshiyap
    5. Mwoit
      Hey Nick, I'm-a-requiring help for some recommendations for BKP 7 string humbuckers for a RG1527 and I hear your the go-to-man for help! Rigged up with a Pod XT PRO through a tube power amp. The stock Ibanez pickups are too muddy, so I'm looking for clarity, tightness, more mids and bass. Ideal tone(s) would be something like Exivious / Cynic for rhythm and Opeth lead tone BWP era.
    6. Steve08
      Nick, do you know of any passive single coils that would be suitable for high gain applications? Haven't a clue what the body wood is but the neck and fretboard is maple.
    7. Daken1134
      hello. i was told you are the man to talk to about BK pickups. what would you suggest for me? ive got an rg2228. dont like the emg's at all, not a big active guy so of coarse being on this forum BK's pop out. im looking for both a neck and bridge pickup im hunting for something EXTREMELY warm and full in the neck pickup. like a pet metheny, john pizzarelli, etc really warm jazz sound for the neck that can produce fairly fluid leads and for the bridge, not as a big a deal. something that can do djenty stuff ok but im not as worried about the bridge right now. if it helps probably my favorite neck pickup that ive heard is the old stock pickups on the peavey american wolfgangs. they had an amazingly full and gorgeous tone when you roll the tone back a little. thank you very much
    8. Despised_0515
      Hey Nick! As much as I'd love to say that I'm an active pup kinda guy, I'm getting more and more interested in BKPs. I messed around with pickup height, boost on/off, lowering my gain, and I just can't seem to get the clarity/articulation I want on bigger chords with my Blackouts. So my question is, which BKP bridge has the hottest output while still retaining clarity? My guitar is all mahogany body and neck, ebony board. Thanks Nick!
    9. Empryrean
      nick I believe your inbox may be full so I'll just ask you here; would it be possible to get an air norton 7 in black with gold pole pieces? :D
    10. MorbidTravis
      are you guys going axe fx in your store soon? once i get the money id rather get an axe fx over a fireball 100, if i had enough money id just get both
    11. Dehumanize
      I appreciate your input in my thread about death metal tube amps, and you seem like a rather knowledgeable gearhead. I'm just wondering about your opinions on the Axe FX paired with a Fryette 2/90/2 as a death metal amplifier, instead of spending a similar amount of money on Diezels, Engls, and other amps that would need expensive racks and pedalboards to have the abilities of an Axe FX. I'm only concerned that the Axe FX could sound fake, although in clips it's fine, but as you mentioned in my thread, clips and playing an amp in person can be completely different beasts. Another poster recommended some videos from Thinkpad20 that have a good metal tone through an Axe FX, if you haven't seen them. Thanks.
    12. Nights_Blood
      Hey man. I've got a question - lately I've been experiencing a volume drop after having my Powerball on for, i'd say about 30 minutes, give or take. Definitely noticeable, but not TOO drastic, it's probably from (for example) 12:00 to 10:30. Any idea what it is?

      None of the power tube failure lights are coming on, so hopefully its a preamp tube. I'm thinking about going the axe-fx route, so i'm trying to figure out if i'm gonna have to get this thing retubed before i chuck it. Thanks man!
    13. toshiyap
      no prob, cheers
    14. toshiyap
      hey zim, got my pm for payment yet?
    15. demonlord78
      My intent was to get more of a feel for the FB100's gain and saturation. I'm well aware that sound clips will not accurately represent the amps characteristics and I agree that the majority of the audio clips out there are not up to par. I guess to sum up the sound I'm trying to achieve, think Iced Earth (Something Wicked This Way Comes album). Really tight, percussive tone but with punchy lows and smooth highs. Mids are very important to me so a nice mid range growl is a good thing. What is your opinion on this? Can the FB100 pull this off?
    16. demonlord78
      Hey Zimbloth! Curious to know if The Axe Palace is working on audio clips for the Engl products, particularly the Fireball 100. I've heard great reviews for this amp but I always do extensive research before I purchase anything and would love to hear some clips of this beast in action. Let me know at your earliest convenience.

    17. Stealthdjentstic
      Hey what did you use to record the new album? Is that the Axe? :eek:
    18. TheHandOfStone
      Just dropped in to let you know I'm loving your EP. "Monolith" and "Do You Read Sutter Kane?" are especially good.
    19. Sang-Drax
      Nick, I sent you an e-mail yesterday, ok?
    20. dshiznit0011
      Hey man did you ship the pickup?
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