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Nick // Axe Palace, from Boston

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Sep 22, 2018 at 8:58 PM
    1. AngstRiddenDreams
      I've been listening to quite a lot of Cloudkicker's album "Beacons" lately. I don't know if you've heard much of it but i'm in love with the tone, clean and distorted. He is using a Les Paul Studio with stock Gibson pickups, sort of like a hotter Paf. I'm buying a Dimarzio Paf Pro for the neck, but i was in need of a bridge recommendation. Not too hot, Mahogany body and neck, i was thinking maybe a Blackdog or Ceramic Nailbomb?
    2. CharliePark
      Hey dude, just dropping by for a BKP recommendation (sorry). I use a boosted 6505+ through an orange 4x12 with vintage 30's, so I have a lot of excess high mids and fizz. EMG's don't really help this and I'm sort of sick of them. I play in drop A#, and I need something that is more low mid focused. I'm thinking aftermath or c-pig but I guess theres no hurt in asking for a proper suggestion.
      P.S I use an LTD EC 1000 thats all mahogany with a rosewood fretboard. Thanks
    3. HighGain510
      Btw I sent you an email this morning, not sure if you got it? Are you close to Ipswich by any chance? :D
    4. HighGain510
      Right on man, thanks for the info (that's less than I thought they would be!). I'm waiting for some more demos of the amp so I can figure out if they'll cover what I'm looking for or not, if I decide to grab one I'll definitely purchase from you Nick! :yesway:
    5. HighGain510
      I know you're an H&K dealer, has there been any news on when the US guys are getting the Tubemeister 18 amps? I've seen them posted by folks overseas but no info about where and when they can be found in the US. I heard $850 was the proposed price too, still what they're looking at? Thanks dude! :wavey:
    6. Guamskyy
      Hey Zimbloth, sorry I keep bombarding you with my "oh-so-typical-ss.org-member-what-bkp-set-can-zimbloth-reccommend-to-me" questions but I have another one for you. I have a maple neck through, maple fretboard, mahogany winged 8 string. What I want out of my tone is more clarity in huge open/barre chords, but very brutal rhythm tones. I'm not too much into the djent scene, so I'm leaning more towards the thick, meaty palm mutes, but I still would like a pickup with a lot of mids, probably more emphasis on the low-mids. I don't like a scooped mids sounding tone. For the neck, I like those acoustic-y piezo-ish cleans, and for leads something that is very smooth, fluid, and responds very well to dynamics.
    7. sutchguitars
      Hi Nick,Jase from sutch guitars,looking forward to receiving the D-Activators, good work bro!
    8. JamesM
      Ah, thank you! I'm worried about the AM being too bright, so I think I'll go with the MM. :)

      Customer service at its finest. <3
    9. JamesM
      Oh, you know I will!

      While I have your attention, I really intend on putting BKPs in my Loomis soon, but I'm really intimidated by how bright it is! I'm really thinking mid gain like the Black Dog for this guitar, but Swamp Ash and Maple are so bright! What do you suggest?
    10. JamesM
      I am so pumped on it. I also like you, so there was no question in my mind who I'd order from. ;)
    11. JamesM
      I ordered a pup and paid a couple days ago. Wooo! Pumped on it.

      Do I receive an email from you guys or..?

      Lemme know. :D
    12. Hybrid138
      I sent you a pm and an email to axe palace about some pickups :D
    13. smith10210
      Hey Nick did you get my PM and email just checking on the status of the warpig thanks.
    14. Bgbdmdbrad
      I called you about my aftermaths with the raw nickel covers. I got them to fit in my rg7620. They look awesome. Should have it back from my tech Sunday. Pics to follow. Hope your hockey team won. Sorry to have called so late east coast time. Thanks fir listening to me when I was all bummed out and panicky about my pickups. Brad.
    15. MohawkShred
      Hey got an all mohagany neck thru 7, should i go for the calibrated aftermaths or a aftermath/bridge coldsweat/neck? Thanks n sorru for buggin u.
    16. HighGain510
      Hey Nick, any word from Tim on the status of the Aftermath 7 set? :D Thanks! :yesway:
    17. jjcor
      Hey man by reading alot on these forums apparently your the guy to goto on opinions on BKP's. I have a schecter C-7 custom that has 2 volumes and one tone w/coil tap. I was looking into the bkp to replace the stock pickups. What do you suggest? I play alot of djent with alot of the clean tapping like scale the summit.
    18. MesaENGR412
      That is awesome. You, sir, have WONDERFUL taste in gear to stock in your shop. Awesome stuff. When we get up to MA again, I will try to stop by!

    19. MesaENGR412
      Just visited the site in your siggy, and that guitar store.........looks like Heaven on Earth. :eek: Awesome stuff there, if you are in any way affiliated, as I assume you are.

    20. Metalus
      My bad man. I did email you though with some questions about them a week or 2 ago, and then I said I was going to put it an order. I proceeded to do that and then I emailed you asking about the shipping status. I actually sent a 2nd email today
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