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Nick // Axe Palace, from Boston

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Dec 9, 2018
    1. Curt
      Hey, Nick. Some point in the hopefully not-too-distant future I plan on ordering a PRS artist package Custom 22 from The Axe Palace, and was wondering how well the 57/08's will handle Drop C KSE-ish type stuff.

      Also, if the 57/08's aren't ideal, I will likely go with BKP black dogs.
    2. DjentDjentlalala
      Hey man! I heard you swear by the MXR GT OD,how do you like it? I liked it very much boosting my 6505.
    3. Tube777
      Hi Zimbloth

      Just created a thread inquiring about the APEX100 (vs. the UV777BK).

      I am interested in buying a 7th string and I was advised to contact you to get your feedback on the APEX100.

      If I like Korn (up to Follow the Leader), I would be playing the guitar in standard BEAGDBE tuning in a more metal/rock/funk setting...and I am looking for a somewhat versatile instrument.

      What are your thoughts on the Apex?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

    4. s_k_mullins
    5. necrocesos
      Hey Nick,
      I don't know if you ever got my PM, but i bought the mk2, I was gonna see how much you wanted for yours, but i found a great deal. On a different topic how much are you selling the BK ceramic nailbomb pickups for? I have an Ibanez rgd 2127z and i figure the nailbomb would be good on the bridge. I got evo7s n/b on it at the moment.
    6. rockstarazuri
    7. necrocesos
      Hey man just had a quick question about the triamp Mk2, since i read your old tread, does it make a huge difference switching the el34 tubes for 6l6 tubes for a more metal sound, like more gain? I have no experience with el34 tubes, just 6l6 tubes on my mesa 2:90. Asking this because i'm thinking on getting a used mk2.

    8. poke
      Hey Nick,

      I was just wondering if I could get a response to the e-mail I sent you. Been trying to reach you for a few days now.

    9. Francis978
      Hey man! I got a question involving BKP (probably not the first one asking xD) message me.back whenever
    10. Vikki
      Hey would you like to sell me just a pick guard like the one on the RG?but with two holes instead.I d really appreciate it if you could at least point me in the right direction if not.
    11. HighGain510
      Hey Nick, I just wanted to say thanks again for shipping out those pickups so quickly and getting them to us in time to get them installed and record our clips! :yesway: I appreciate it! :D
    12. SomeChump
      I was told to come to you with a question regarding BKP's. I just want to know if I need a 1/2 or 1/4 Leg length. :/ I'm putting the humbucker in a fender, so it will be mounted to the Pick guard. o.O Thanks for your time.
    13. AngstRiddenDreams
    14. AngstRiddenDreams
      Hey Nick, I've been looking for a pickup trade and i'm set on getting an Aftermath bridge, but i'm stuck between a Coldsweat for the neck or an Aftermath neck. I need a beautiful clean tone, which i've heard the Coldsweat delivers. Also a cutting lead tone that isn't shrill and doesn't get muddy. I'm playing in Drop A with a 26.5" Extended scale Schecter Hellraiser. It's a sixer. Thanks for taking the time!
    15. SludgeMonkey
      Hey man, I PM'd you the other day with some Bareknuckle questions... Hopefully I actually sent it??
    17. MAISO
      I was reading a thread and some people were recommending to talk to you about BK pickups (you must get a fuckton of these questions, :P sorry). If you have time, I'd like to know which one you'd recommend for me. My guitar is an RGA121 (6string) with mahogany body and maple top, the neck is made from maple/walnut, and fingerboard is rosewood. My current amp is a peavey 6505(getting a tubescreamer very soon). My playstyle is similar to that of bands like; elitist, the contortionist, centuries apart (I play in dropped A). If you don't know these bands, most of them use jazz chords with pretty leads/arpeggios, so clarity and notes ringing out well is necessary. Twang (baouw baouw :P) and tight chugs (djent's?) is also what I'm looking for. Thanks!
    18. Necromaster
    19. ByDesign
      You still a VHT dealer dude?
    20. AngstRiddenDreams
      I couldn't find the PAF Pro on your site. :( But thankyou, i'm replacing the Emg's in my Hellraiser, should be quite a step up.
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    Home Page:
    Musician / Guitar Shop Owner
    Primary Seven:
    Dean USA Custom Shop RC7
    Main Rig:
    ENGL Invader 100
    Real Name:
    Nemecide, among others.
    Primary ERG:
    PRS Custom 24 Baritone
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Dean USA CS RC7 Green Xenocide, Dean USA CS RC7 Red Xenocide", Dean USA CS RC7 Sky Blue Quilt, Ibanez Apex100, Ibanez RG1077XL w/ BKP Aftermaths,
    Other Guitars:
    PRS Custom 24 Baritone Pomegranate, PRS Custom 24 White Tiger, PRS Artist V Teal Black, Ibanez RGD2120Z-CSM, Ibanez RGTHRG1, Carvin SH60 Aqua Burst, Taylor Baritone Acoustic
    ENGL Invader 100, Fractal Axe-FX Ultra
    Effects & Pedals:
    Axe-FX Ultra, ISP Decimator ProRackG, X2 Digital Wireless System, MXR GT-OD overdrive
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    Fryette 4x12 Fat Bottom, M-Audio BX8, M-Audio SBX
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    MOTU 828 mk3, Tech 21 SansAmp Bass DI, API Channel Strip, Shure SM57 Beta, Shure SM7, Avalon U5
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Elixir NanoWeb strings, Dunlop Tortex Jazz III (Pitch Black 1.14).
    My name is Nick. I own a guitar store called The Axe Palace and involved with several bands/projects

    Guitar, Music, Metal, etc


    The Axe Palace <-- Dealer for: BKP, Lundgren, DiMarzio, ESP, Ibanez, Mayones, PRS, Music Man, Jackson/Charvel, Schecter, Framus/Warwick, James Trussart, G&L, Dean, ENGL, Mesa, KSR, Diezel, Friedman, Orange, Soldano, Driftwood, and many more.

    NEW WEBSITE IS NOW LIVE: www.axepalace.com