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May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018
    1. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah man nothing I havnt seen before
    2. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      I dont see any new body shapes. Yeah I know they do 7s, I really like the 7 string body they do.
    3. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      what like the shorter scale stuff?
    4. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah ihave a while back but they dont offer the kind of stuff i want really.
    5. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah man I hope so. I was looking at wood online yesterday. You can get some great stuff for good prices. But like I said, I want at least on good guitar that I really like before I start building.
    6. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      not yet man, was talking to a guy about an M, but he decided not to sell. Agile headless looks like its on a standstill till Kurt releases the headless stuff hes already working on. I really wanna get my designs out there though, I may not be able to build them myself now, but I have so many that I'd love to see built, so I'd love to let other builders build them. Petition is a little slow, last I checked it was about 81 people so far.
    7. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      ah man I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you get better soon.
    8. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      family is good, thanks for asking, man. Why cantcha play the uv?
    9. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Hey man hows it going? Hows the UV?
    10. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      awesome man i cant wait to drool!
    11. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      wow, man. Thats the score of the century, congrats on that! just wow! haha
    12. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      you got it for 200 bucks!? Thats KILLER!
    13. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Ah what a dork for doing that! Its awesome that you and your dad are fixing it back up. I'd love to get one of those some day, I've always thought they looked so cool.

      Ibanez "Universe 7-string" Headstock Decal [hsiba777u] : Best-Decals.com, Your One-Stop Decal-Shop
    14. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      thats awesome, man! I bet you can get the action wicked low on it. The best guitar I have ever played in terms of the action was actually a 7420, each string was lit6erally a papers width away from the frets, and no buzz at all.
    15. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      how are the necks on those things?
    16. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah no way! Those are the uni's that I lust after. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Someday I'll have one too. You've got some fantastic gear, man, congrats.
    17. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      holy cow thats awesome man, what Universe is it?
    18. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      thanks, man, me too! I only have an Ibanez 350 DX that I got when I was like 14, no amp either :ugh:. I do have a Strat that I got from a friend thats laying in parts right now in my bedroom waiting to be fixed up.

      While I dont have my own amp, my dad does so I use his sometimes, still want my own, though, obviously. But i want a new guitar first.

      What about you?
    19. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      if I find a nice deal on parts (TT, neck) I'll get it, but I think I'd still only end up using the TT and getting Fretsong to get a custom Moses built, if I can afford all this, that is lol.
    20. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      for sure I'll have him do the body and probably neck.
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