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May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018
    1. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      thanks man Im super excited about it.
    2. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah, oh well I guess, no use being aggravated about it. Family is doing good thanks, funny you should ask, I was just thinking about my grandfather. But yeah everything is good, back to normal really.

      Oh, some cool news! A builder asked me to design a body for his next build here is what it looks like:


      he wanted a super strat so I didnt have a huge artistic license, but I like the way it came out. Has similar horns to my ergo. Can't wait to see it built, it's gonna be so surreal seeing my design in the flesh for the first time.
    3. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      preaching to the choir, man. This has happened to me a million times. I guess the search continues. They where great prices but they weren't in the best shape.
    4. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      oh it was a GM1ta. Doesn't look like I'll get either of them. Neither replied back. I emailed them they seemed interested and sent pictures and then they never replied to my reply. Oh well I guess, although I figured this would happen
    5. Xiphos68
      No problem! ;) Which one do you want more?
    6. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      haha well thanks, bro, I appreciate it! We'll see what happens, hope they're both still available. One particularly more than the other.
    7. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah man I know, I'm just worried about disappointment, y'know?
    8. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      me too, man! I'm excited but trying to not get my hopes up.
    9. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      woah hey man, sorry I never replied! I just never saw it because you posted on your own page! haha Anyways yes the transcale is the one with teh capo. It does indeed effectively change the scale length.

      and I just got two more leads on two great deals for two awesome Steinberger GMTs! I hope it works out! I'm gonna try to keep hope alive for these, but I won't hold my breath.
    10. Xiphos68
      Transcale is the neck with the capo correct? Also doesn't it like it change the scale length?
    11. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      gotta find one of those so I can try one out, the transcale that is
    12. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      cool cool, so not the transcale one?
    13. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      ah yeah man sorry about that tendinitis. What Synapse was it?
    14. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      iirc Koa and Rosewood are fairly close to the each other on the tone spectrum. Kind of an even tone with a slight warmth edge, so it'd sound pretty boss I'd imagine. Warm but not muddy with a good midrange attack.

      Yeah man the Synapse guitars are fantastic. I know some don't like the thick necks, but I actually quite like them
    15. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      He has a knack for exquisite wood selection so I'm really psyched to see what he comes up with.
    16. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah man Brians gonna be doing headless stuff when he gets his shop back up. Including 7s.
    17. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah hes a builder, no not ask him to use my designs, if he wants to he can but I'm more interested in his friendship we've been talking a little bit latley, hes a great dude. That mockup is actually his design that I turned into more of a steinberger shape, the horns and back cut out are his.

      good to hear you can play a little
    18. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
    19. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      nothing much man, how about you? Oh here look at this mockup I did with brian bowes:

    20. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah man hahaha.
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