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Jul 30, 2018
Jul 22, 2008
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Jul 30, 2018
    1. vampiregenocide
    2. Stealthdjentstic
      8 string jazz fusion.

      YouTube - Ihsahn - On the Shores

      There's a load of sax stuff all over that album. Enjoy :)
    3. Kr1zalid
    4. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      I go to a technology school
    5. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      ah thats cool man.

      I gotta design and model a character, gotta finish a level for a mod, and do the logo and box art for it, stuff like that.
    6. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      its going alright, super busy really, got a lot of projects I need to finish for school and stuff like that, how about you?
    7. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      I see, yeah its a fantastic album. Scenes from a Memory is great too.
    8. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      As far as Opeth in concerned Still Life is a masterpiece and will always be one of, if not my favorite metal album of all time, regardless of my thoughts on the band now or in the future. I haven't been into Dream Theater in along time, but I'd say Scenes from a Memory was always my favorite, but I love the A Change of Seasons EP too.
    9. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Haha thats cool man, it was the other way around for me, he was into DT and Aryeon and Opeth before I was.
    10. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah he likes all that stuff, all arjen's stuff and dream theater and what not.
    11. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah i think i read that on his site, im sure my dad will get it haha
    12. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      dont think he is actually haha but yeah hes a great singer
    13. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      haha yeah, dan sano is on one of those I think, hes great.
    14. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah I'm familiar with Arjen's projects, the human equation is still my favorite I'd say. It's fun bombastic music. Intergalactic space crusadeeers!
    15. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Yeah I'd love to own one some day. A little bit, been listening to industrial hero by ben darwish trio, great modern jazz stuff and been spinning spirit animal by zombi a bit, kind of psyche prog rock stuff. what about you?
    16. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Oh yeah man I dig the GL's too. They're just even more expensive, since they're all graphite.
    17. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      yeah the GM's. But they made GL's in Newburgh too.
    18. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Many believe them to be, they're definitely the most sought after Steinbergers. They're from an era where Ned was still in charge, and they're awesome looking haha
    19. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      Haha sorry dude. Originally Steinberger was a Brooklyn based company, they got some awesome tax incentives and moves to Newburgh New York, thats the plant where the GM was first built in. Thats before the Gibson purchase. Those GMs are the ones with the non rounded sides and binding (unless its a GR), later on when Gibson bought the company they switched to the more modern gm body with the rounded off edges.
    20. Justin Bailey
      Justin Bailey
      other than the blue flametop? yeah there were a couple really nice newburgh gms on ebay the past few weeks.
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