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    1. El Caco
      El Caco
      No sorry, the purpose off the comps is to show off our members guitars.
    2. darren

      I have nothing to do with the sales of Rondo's products. I'm just a player who happened to design a couple of instruments they made.
    3. jacksonplayer
      I got it for just under $1,000 on eBay, but only because the seller was a pawnshop that didn't list it very accurately. I was lucky to find it. It has a very thin neck like the Wizard profile on the Ibanez RG7620. I'm sure it was ordered that way on purpose, but I've found that bolt-on USA Jacksons often have thinner necks that the neckthru Soloists and the like.
    4. FlyingBanana
      Keep up the good fight my friend. Some people just don't understand.
    5. GazPots
      Well i would say the thickest ibanez neck profile i've encountered was on my two piezo RG's (the RG2027 and RG2120). It seemed more like a thicker D shape that the usual flatter profiles.

      The baritone (Rg2077xl) is very similar to my UV which is thin but not super thin. I wouldn't really say either had a thick neck. Flat sort of profile in the middle of the neck.

      And just to clarify, the Rg2027/2120 have thinner necks than say my les pauls. But, in relation to the other ibanez's they are definatly thicker.

      Hope that helps you.

    6. Elysian
    7. Elysian
      forgot to mention, you'd also get the option of set neck or bolt on, as my set neck method is almost identical to doing a bolt on, just glued in instead. neck through would be an upcharge, and is a method i'm not as much of a fan of, considering the amazing heel you can get with a properly carved set neck, and the killing of sustain that i find all neck throughs to suffer.
    8. Elysian
      the one i linked to is already for a customer, but it starts around 1800 and goes up from there, depending on options. 1800 gets you dimarzio pickups(or nordstrand if you want to go custom wound), fixed bridge(hipshot or TOM), your choice of body, neck, and fretboard wood(within reason, some woods are an upcharge), sperzel locking tuners, and a graphtech black tusq nut.
    9. Gregk
      Well, I would recommend contacting noodles (a member on here). He runs the sales.

      Sii7 7 string

      There's the link to the guitar and all the options.
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