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Mar 17, 2017
Jan 20, 2009
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Mar 24, 1988 (Age: 30)
Los Angeles
College Student History Major

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OOOAAARWWWRR, 30, from Los Angeles

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Mar 17, 2017
    1. MaxOfMetal
      Weird. Ah well, no big deal. I was just at loss for what was happening. :lol:
    2. johnythehero
      plus if wanted to set up a way you wont ever have to fiddle with your eq when you change guitars just switch channels (assuming ou have 2 of the same channels that is)
    3. johnythehero
      sweet haha I think I am going to either sell/trade my head for the v-max or for the rh150 and/or save up for the one you can change the modules on because I think the logic on that is simply amazing
    4. johnythehero
      thats when you just sit there and play it for 30 min and when he says something to you about it you just say "well I will just take my buisness else where" and hes like.....FUCK haha
    5. johnythehero
      its sad that the hes the guy that replaced probably the best guy ever worked there he was nice gave you some tips on this that and the other and just didn't try to rip you off by saying to get the most expensive thing there
    6. johnythehero
      it wouldn't make me as mad but the one douchebage there says its randalls fault because they are garbage? I just laughed in his face XD
    7. johnythehero
      it was fine when they brought it in just retards to used to using spiders and SS amps that they don't know how to use a damn standby switch and blew some of the tubes
    8. johnythehero
      I actually wasn't to expensive. They wanted 1200 for the set while the cab had v30s and it came with a huge flight case for both of them haha.They had the KH-1 cleans and the ultra distortion I gauruntee you if I could have just bought the Head I would in a heartbeat but its long since been broke (tube) and they couldn't retube it since it was used and idk what they did with it.
    9. johnythehero
      I also have a friend that doesn't like the sound of the rv150 or whatever the hell it is XD. Its the g3 plus or something and he didn't like the sound out of it or something XD. I just wish Sam Ash stocked more shit than marshalls and line 6 spifail 3s XD they had that randall where you put your own moudels for cleans and distortions and stuff that was the amp I tried all my guitars on and tey wouldn't just sell the damn head by itself haha since it got traded in as a half stack set haha.
    10. johnythehero
      I know right I only paid 275 for the thing! There is actually a guy on craigslist thats selling a V-max for 300 that I might just trade heads with him if I like it but I don't know if he is up for a trade he takes his time replying to messages haha
    11. johnythehero
      thanks man the neck is so incredibly thin its unreal! I haven't played it in a few days as its been in the shop for a good top to bottom set up haha and thanks I might need it .
    12. Hallic

      a while back you said you're were trying the DR DDT 12/54s.
      got any feedback on these strings?
    13. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      even better with my 8
    14. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      very similar.
      its a great amp and can cover alot of tone turf.as i said,im back to just plugging into the amp with only a decimator and love the sound
    15. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      COOL first impressions?
      i started running mine again by its self,no boost just a decimator.love it.
    16. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      no probs mate.im here to help lol
    17. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      JJ are a good pre amp tube,go for it.nice well rounded crunch from them.i have a heap that i use from time to time.yea NOS tubes can get very pricey,you need to know what to look for and who to get them from.i have a $140 mazda chrome 12ax7.it among the rarest NOS 12ax7.its in v1 of my revG dual
    18. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      i have played the V2 many times,before i settled on the T2.the T2 has a more raw aggressive tone to my ears(less of a signal path)that i really dig.theres nothing wrong with the V2 and its just as good but i dont need all the features it has to offer.
      as for tubes in my T2,i still have the EHs that came in it but there spares.i actually run a NOS mullard(real one from the 50s,not a reissue) 12ax7 in the v1 slot and tungsols in the other two slots and a jan/phillips NOS 12at7 in the driver.
    19. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      i just happen to have a T2 as well.i love it great amp.sometimes i run it along side my 2 channel dual.massive tone
    20. cow 7 sig
      cow 7 sig
      for that price i would nab it.
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    Mar 24, 1988 (Age: 30)
    Los Angeles
    College Student History Major
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    Randall V2
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    WTB your COW 7 :)
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    Schecter Omen 6, OLP MM5 bass
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    Tech 21 Midi Mouse, Digitech Death Metal, MXR 10-band EQ, ISP Decimator, Ibanez TS9, Alesis Midiverb III, BBE Sonic Maximizer
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    Randall RS412XLT100
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    TC Electronic Konnekt 8, Reaper, Shure SM58, Presonus TubePre
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    Planet Waves Black Ice, Jazz III, Green Tortex .88mm, Clayton Raven .80mm picks


    Randall V2 / Titan + RS412XLT100
    Tech 21 Midi Mouse, Alesis Midiverb III
    Schecter Omen, OLP MM5 bass

    My Youtube channel - Gear demos and stuff