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The Decepticon, 34, from Yorktown,NY

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    1. Randy
      I'll be trying to get there around 7. If it were just me, I'd probably stay all day just for the hell of it, but I'm probably bringing my brother in law and my drummer; and they're a little less patient than me. :lol:
    2. Randy
      Looks to be September 20th, and tickets are $20.

      Over 21 is usually allowed to re-enter, but because the show is so long, I'm guesing that'll be more lax (incase you have any friends that are under, coming along). I'm guessing I'll shoot for around 7; and plan on 'pregaming' a little. :lol:.
    3. Randy
      That sounds about right. I heard it's 9-10 hours almost... so that's about right. Long ass show. :lol:

      Also, going to CoB and Black Dahlia?
    4. shredguitar7
      ill have to look in to that.. i can send you the mp3 in an email if you want ? up to you....
    5. shredguitar7
      the drums are pretty good... i have some subs in my car so the drums sound a lot better in a good system.. i kinda judge everything off of that.. lol.. but it was just a rough mix i made in like 3 hours... glad you liked it.. thanks a lot...
    6. djpharoah
      Nice avatar brosef. :metal:
    7. Randy

      Fellow'ers are like family. :wub:
    8. Randy
      You're officially on the top of the list. :yesway:
    9. Randy
      Yeah... The Chance has one night month that you're allowed to come there and talk to them about booking your band. If they decide they're interested, they put you in one of their smaller venues, in a show stacked with a bunch of faceless local bands doing the same thing and they give you a mountain of tickets you have to sell (a lot of times you have to pay them for all the tickets before you even sell them, so if you don't sell, you're out the money; total "pay to play" deal). I played a few venues in NYC that did the same thing... yucky yucky.

      I'll definitely let you know when we're playing in the area next. It's good to get any and all support you can, and the offer is super appreciated. :D

      Also, I know a few other people from the community locally... I'll see if we can do an itty bitty get-together at the show. :metal:
    10. Randy
      Agreed. FWIW, if you want to get your band in there, it's a great place to play also.

      As long as you're not greedy about wanting really big name shows, they don't bust your balls about selling tickets as bad as most other venues (The Chance was a nightmare).

      I was actually supposed to go to that Cannibal Corpse show, but something came up. :( I still have to see them eventually.
    11. Randy
      Been there a bit? That's really neat!

      That's my usual haunt, actually(9 times out of 10, that's where we play when we're out).

      The place looks the same as it did before the fire, but they also have the expansion (which they never really use... it's just there so they can claim the place has more square footage, so they're allowed to put more people in there and make fire code).

      My friends and I actually went there for the Daath->Cynic->Dragonforce show last month, and it was awesome. The great thing about that place (and similar) is how small it is, so you can get really close while they're playing, and you can usually hang for a bit at the merch. counter.
    12. Randy
      Sweet deal! I'm game for that. :metal:
    13. Randy
      You got it. There's a show in Clifton Park, which is where they've played the last two years and I've got my tickets purchased already.
    14. Randy
      Depends, TBH.

      I was originally a classic rock guy, became a blues guy, became an uber 80's rock guy for a while (played in a cover band, come all original 'hair metal' band for 5 years).

      After things cooled off with that, I got into more progressive, power metal type stuff... I liked really heavy and tight riffs but I couldn't stand harsh vocals. Started getting into CoB, Arch Enemy and In Flames pretty heavy and my tastes just got heavier after that.

      When we dusted off the band with a new player, her introduced me to 7-strings and a lot of different music. Since then, I've been listening to a lot of tech-death for the last few months (Necrophagist, Decapitated, Born of Osiris, the Faceless, etc.) and have been really digging a lot of modern-black metal (a la Behemoth, Abigail Williams) and ambient metal (Isis, Cynic) lately.

      So yeah, I have a lot of influences. :lol: For the most part, I like really modern sounding music (heavy riffs, lower tunings or extended range instruments) but with some hooks and tight lead work. Think Nevermore but more brutal, and with more changes and partwork.
    15. Randy
      Indeed. Also, I don't mind making a trip sometime if there's something going on down that way and we can meet up. :yesway:
    16. Randy
      Quite a bit... I'm at exit 29 on the Thruway. I visit family down that way or go to concerts pretty regularly, though.
    17. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      thanks man, we're currently in drop D for the EP, but for the album we're upgrading to 7 strings :)
    18. JakeRI
      will do :)
    19. JakeRI
      its complicated, but he is just so busy with other shit due to a personal situation. its a bummer, but the new dude jeff is wicked dirty, so we're souped. thanks for the kind words
    20. JakeRI
      no, i wrote that entire song. the only thing the new guitarist did was add the harmony during the phrygian dominant part and recommend making the time between the end of that riff and the jazz part shorter, because it was initially a long held out note before it came in. i wrote all the demos you'll be hearing, except one riff of the tune that will be posted. but the new guitarist is nasty, we're working on some of his new tunes now, they are really progressive and shit.
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