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Oct 16, 2008
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Mar 7, 1984 (Age: 34)

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The Decepticon, 34, from Yorktown,NY

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Dec 12, 2018 at 1:21 PM
    1. JakeRI
      METAL!!! yeah, thanks for coming out!
    2. JakeRI
      where are those sweet ass photos hoe!
    3. JakeRI
      mmmm its going to be a bro-down to be remembered.
    4. Randy
    5. JakeRI
      awesome dude! i dont know when we are getting there, but as soon as you see me come say hello. also, totally forgot what you look like, try not to hate me
    6. sepherus
      I had always intended to, but I ended up trading it for my triple rec beforehand. I've played a few that had and it was even better.

      As for the show, Syracuse to Albany is a bit of a trip. My crew and I usually only make it for big events like Summer Slaughter since they don't stop here (despite us having a fairly large metal crowd.) I'm stoked we have Between the Buried and Me coming in soon, and only for $16!!! Granted the other 2 bands on the list are locals.
    7. sepherus
      yeah, it's right by the output transformer. Its actually closer to the back panel. they have it mounted flush to the chassis, and it is flat with the exception of the little slot to turn it with. You should see it just fine though. Even that little bit makes a noticeable difference.
    8. Randy
      Varies, TBH.

      It usually goes AutoCAD->Corel Paint Shop Pro->Adobe Illustrator->Adobe Photoshop.
    9. Randy
      Absolutely! Easiest thing for me is if you have a good idea of what you're looking for or, even better, if you have a really simple sketch/paintshop pic of what you want.

      I'll hook ya' up. :D
    10. Randy
      Hmm... I'll see if I can work something out. ;)
    11. JakeRI
      alright, well say hello to us up there then!
    12. JakeRI
      dude thats crazy. if you are serious, let me know, we can at least get you on the guest list or something.
    13. JakeRI
      just played brooklyn on friday and long island on saturday. we are upstate in 2 weeks though
    14. JakeRI
      what is up hoe? how are things treating you
    15. Woocifer
      Yeah the pics I took didn't even do it justice in terms of finish. Honestly, from what I've seen on the forums, it's better to go custom because all the other stock models seem to have issues or dings in em. My guitar is almost perfectly flawless, save the volume pot just needing a minor adjustment and a tiny spot where they missed the stain on the pickup route. It plays great, it's tight and solid as hell, and has a wonderful chorusy canter to it. I went mahogony body with a maple tribal top. Super thin neck, no curve to the neck, 30 inch scale 5 piece neck thru interceptor with the interceptor head. It's sweet man. Thanks for the compliments btw :)
    16. sepherus
      It was good. Not as much death metal as i was hoping, but I'll live. WOP actually had a decent EQ for once too. Every other time I've seen them it just sounded like crap. They have a horrible stage sound.
    17. Randy
      Yeah, dude. I was hoping that Eric (failshredder) would be able to make it, but he's working. Hopefully for next time I'll be able to get some of the other guys out. I'll see about making a thread or something about it so we can organize. :metal:
    18. Randy
      Bah. Looks like something came up and I'm not going to be able to make it today. :-\

      Let me know how it goes. FWIW, make sure you stop and talk to Muhammad (if you haven't before)... super nice dude and he'll answer pretty much anything you throw at him.

      We'll have to meet-up for CoB... I'll see if I can get some more of the local out for that one. :hbang:
    19. DIOBOLIC5150
      The Agile guitar in the Nemesis video is the Vader guitar, before the mods/paint job. Crazy huh? Thanks for the support man!
    20. Randy
      Kinda bummed about Born of Osiris and Dying Fetus, but I saw them last year.. so that's not that bad. I mostly wanna see Winds of Plague, Enisferum, and the new Necrophagist material.

      Thanks a million for the heads up. :metal:
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    Mar 7, 1984 (Age: 34)
    Primary Seven:
    PRS Custom 24-7 (VB)
    Main Rig:
    Mark V > PPC412
    Real Name:
    GRID, Nihilist Crane (on hiatus)
    Primary ERG:
    PRS Custom 24-7 (VB)
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    -Ibanez RG7420 (BP)
    -PRS SE Custom 24 7 (VB)
    -PRS SE Custom 24 7 (AM)
    Other Guitars:
    -PRS Custom 24 25th Anniversary
    -PRS SE Mike Mushok
    -Ibanez RG550 (Emg 81 bridge pickup)
    -Epiphone Les Paul Classic (Dimbucker bridge pickup)
    -Douglas WOB 826
    -Ibanez SR405QM
    -Mesa Boogie Mark V
    -VHT Pittbull G-100 UL
    Effects & Pedals:
    -Rocktron Midi Mate
    -Korg DTR100 Rack Tuner
    -Furman M8LX Merit Series Power Conditioner -Boss TU-2
    -Digitech Whammy V
    -ISP Decimator
    -Dimebag Crybaby From Hell
    -Eventide TimeFactor
    -Maxon OD808
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    -Vader 4x12
    -Orange 4x12 PPC
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    -27" Imac 3.2 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5
    -Avid ProTools 11
    -Reaper 64
    -Forcusrite Saffire Pro 56
    -Shure SM57
    -Shure SM58
    -Shure SM7B
    -M-Audio BX5As
    -Yamaha HS8s
    -Izotope Ozone 5
    -Waves Silver Bundle
    -EZdrummer 2
    -Metal! EZX
    -Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0
    -The Metal Foundry Expansion
    guitars, recording, metal.