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Mar 7, 1984 (Age: 34)

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The Decepticon, 34, from Yorktown,NY

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Oct 23, 2018 at 11:10 AM
    1. Randy
      Hot damn, dude. If that's what they sound like we need to make this happen.
    2. John_Strychnine
      Thanks alot for checking it out man, glad you like the grooooves!
    3. Rick
      That's pretty funny. :lol:
    4. 308sc
      haha, yeah man I'm planning on doing it today or tomorrow :) thanks for the advice as well.

    5. cyril v
      cyril v
      I'd say about three hours or so? Definitely should work something out later down the road, at the moment I'm doing six days a week at work, and i'm working on losing this job soon to find something that allows a bit of free time.
    6. cyril v
      cyril v
      I live in the Atlantic City/ Ocean City area... My guitar had a tiny bit of neck dive... I think the thing with that is that you can't really expect a strap made for a regular guitars dimensions to work well with a baritone of that magnitude. With my nylons, it slips all over the place, but I'd recommend getting something a bit more comfortable with better weight distribution.

      I use this for my Agile 8 and my Xiphos 7 and it works great...
      Perri's 2" Nylon Bungee Neoprene Guitar Strap and more Straps & Strap Locks at

      For now I'm switching back and forth, but I'm definitely going to get an extra one now that I've found it online (i bought it instore without a brand name on it and had to search through pictures to find it).

      As for Lungrens... lol, thats what I meant when I said that I wouldn't upgrade unless I got a good deal on something; so, either Lungrens or Ceramic Warpigs. If I see either of those going cheap, I'll pounce for sure. Other than that, the Q-Tuners had me intrigued, so if they do a run of those, I think I might get a neck pup.
    7. cyril v
      cyril v
      I'm impressed man, for the coin that they cost it's great. The pickups especially, I kinda thought maybe people were bullshitting me when they said they were good, but so far I agree. I think I would only swap them out if I got a great deal on something else, but they'll definitely do the trick what I need for now.

      As a whole though, I'm definitely satisfied with what I got and at the price... i think my only complaint is that the frets aren't as described, but it's not even really an issue that i really care about.

      How is yours' treating you so far?
    8. Randy
      I actually forgot he played that. Really amazingly done, as well. I just need to see him do Deadhead live at least once and I can die a happy man.
    9. Randy
      Me too. Supercrush, as of that show, has become my favorite DT song by far.
    10. Randy
      Absolutely. Pretty much the best live performance I've ever seen.

      Yeah, I was trying to keep my eye open for you but no luck. I know we ran into SoulIncision at one point in the night, as well as another guy *forgot his name?*

      Next time, we'll exchange phone numbers so that we can make it a point to run into eachother somewhere specific.
    11. cyril v
      cyril v
      did you get your billing notice from Kurt yet? I just got mine today!!
    12. Randy
      Sweet! Looking forward to seeing you there. I'll bump the thread and throw you back on the RSVP list. ;)
    13. Randy
    14. Randy
      Absolutely. Will do. :yesway:

      Yeah, I'm panning on being there and hopefully bringing my two guitar players, as well as Eric (failshredder). :metal:
    15. Rick
      Well, I hope he gets back to you soon. I know this will go very well for you!
    16. cyril v
      cyril v
      awesome, january can't come soon enough.

      funny that you picked that, because I didn't realize that they had the purple on the pro-8. i probably would've ended up with that instead if i had known.
    17. cyril v
      cyril v
      i ordered;
      Agile Septor Standard 8 (bolt-on)
      Tribal Purple Quilt
      28.625" Scale
      Rosewood Fingerboard
      Reversed Septor Stock
      haha., you ordered the same?
    18. HolyMuffDiver
      Cool man, I've been doing the same thing. Classic Albums Live is doing Van Halen I at Mohegan Sun tomorrow night. I don't know if you'd be willing to make the drive for that, but if you wanted to stop by my place you could ride with. So far I can't find anyone to go with, so if you want to go hit me up.
    19. Randy
      Got, and added to my myspace. :D

      Thanks again. :metal:
    20. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      I'm poor as a fucker man!

      it'll probably go towards another 7 anyway :lol:
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    Mar 7, 1984 (Age: 34)
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    PRS Custom 24-7 (VB)
    Main Rig:
    Mark V > PPC412
    Real Name:
    GRID, Nihilist Crane (on hiatus)
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    PRS Custom 24-7 (VB)
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    -Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0
    -The Metal Foundry Expansion
    guitars, recording, metal.