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May 7, 2006
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Jun 23, 2018 at 8:41 AM
    1. brutus627
      that gear photo is like boioioioioinnnnnnnnngggg
    2. highlordmugfug
      Hello sir,

      I'm actually setting the trade value for this thing pretty low, so if you have a few cool effects pedals, or any guitar with single coils and want the cab, I'd probably be down. Just thought I'd let you know :yesway:
    3. Despised_0515
      The rig I had pictured in my mind for a while was ENGL E530 > TC G-System > Atomic MB50 but a recent pickup swap has me keeping my 5150II and going for a Line 6 M13 and an RJM Mini Amp Gizmo instead. :)

      Looking forward to those clips man!
    4. JPhoenix19
      That's, what, the third 5150 combo you've sold? :rofl: I can't tell you how bad I wish I had money to spare, I miss the first one I bought from you and often find myself wishing I could get it back.

      Oh, and the new 8-string I see in your youtube vids is pretty sick!
    5. Drage
      Whats up dude!
    6. JPhoenix19
      Yup. :lol: That's the other thing that makes that quote so funny to me.
    7. JPhoenix19
      what was your favorite tube choice in the Carvin T100/TS100? I don't regret getting my Roadster, but I wish I had tried 6550 or 5881 tubes in that old T100 before I let her go.
    8. JPhoenix19
      Saw in your signature that you're running a GK micro-bass as your power section. how's that working for ya?
    9. HighGain510
      Oh haha that was Dan's idea, it's an Oni mask bro. :D I explained it on

      Matt's newest custom order - Oni 7-string Fanned Fret Carbon Fiber \m/ - Page 8

      Dan is a freaking artist! :metal:
    10. HighGain510
      You haz an Oni. I haz one too. :wub: I haven't had the chance to play mine but just from looking it over, I can see why you raved about yours when it arrived! :D I posted a few quick pics but I'll be posting more once I get myself out of the hospital! :yesway:
    11. joaocunha
      YGPM about ABM bridges! :)
    12. djpharoah
    13. joaocunha
      What I really want to know is how to do that sick painting job.
    14. joaocunha
      Shit! Is this KxK you are playing in the pic yours?! I got photos of that shit on my pc... lol

      Insane axe.
    15. JJ Rodriguez
      JJ Rodriguez
      It's alright. It's no Axe FX, but for a $1500 price difference I was expecting that :lol: It will get the job done, and sometime in the future I'll buy another Axe.
    16. HighGain510
      Hey Tom - Figured when I saw that Buz had already sold the Cobra on eBay (didn't wait very long, did he? :rofl:) that you were hanging onto the Rackto. I was chatting with Misha and he offered to swap me his highly coveted VHT CLX (I've been GASing for that biznatch for 2 years!) so I traded him for my Ultra. I'm still curious about the Rackmount Recto though so if down the line you find something else let me know (maybe a little advanced notice so I can pull funds together too since I'd more than likely have to find stuff to sell! :rofl:). :wub:
    17. Oblivion99
      Hey Tom you get the case today? FedEx tracker says it was delivered, just making sure :)
    18. HighGain510
      Noice! :metal: It's funny, when I was trying to decide if I was going to go back to the Axe-Fx or not that rackto (same seller) popped up on Rig-Talk and I almost snatched it up, but I figured I'm better off volume-wise going back to the Axe-Fx Ultra with two Atomic FR cabs to keep from having my neighbor complain. :lol:
    19. HighGain510
      Tom! :wub: I was watching your Oni vids on youtube last night... I'm GASing hardcore for mine! :D Any chance you're thinking about posting some more Oni goodness soon? ;)
    20. Oblivion99
      Sending you the case today Tom, will send you shipping code via email when I get it.
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