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SS.org Regular, from Porto, Portugal

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Oct 25, 2016
    1. Descent
      Home - HoustonMusic.info

      Would be happy to do one song for free and we can talk terms afterwards.
      My email is on the site - feel free to hit me up from there.
    2. shnizzle
      Hi ticaw,

      just saw your post that you´re looking for a mixing and mastering engineer. Here´s my portfolio:

      johnny´s productions | got-djent.com

      On average I charge 150€ per song for mixing plus mastering. EP´s get a 5% discount. If you´re interested in my services you can send me an e-mail and we can talk about more details:

    3. thedrummerkid
      Well, yes I would turn them up, but try to seat them in the mix. Don;t blast everything and make the master fader clip, though.
    4. thedrummerkid
      From listening to your new sample (writing of the song is cool, pretty Bulb-like), the kick is getting really masked in the mix, as well as the overheads. The snare sticks out, but it has WAY too much top end. On it's eq, boost the "meat" of the snare to give it some body.
    5. thedrummerkid
      I don;t use EZdrummer anymore. I use addictive drums. ANd don't rely on just SD2 for your kick. I blend this sick sample I made (in the studio at Anderson University while tracking drums for a friend's cd) that almost perfect matches Despised Icon's kick.
    6. thedrummerkid
      Well, since I do not have superior drummer, I cannot answer that question. Just keep in mind, the key do great drums is being smart with compression, EQ, and knowing when to use reverb.
    7. thedrummerkid
      no problem dude
    8. thedrummerkid
      No impulses either. Set the overscream to low gain, and on the amp low gain, 2-3 lows, 9 mids, 8 treble. Use a 57 and a ribbon 121 and set the 57 right on the cone, 121 right on ther edge of the cone. And a rack compressor at the end as well. Just tweak with it for a while.
    9. thedrummerkid
      I used Amplitube 3 (Metal V Amp, Metal V3 Cab, Overscream, Compressor) DI'd and a shitty $100 Ibanez 6 string with stock pickups. No post EQ or anything.
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