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san pedro,Ca
aviation engineering

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stitchbot, from san pedro,Ca

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Sep 30, 2012
    1. RobertJPicker
      Helloooooo, Im robbie, i live in torrance, and i saw your post on another forum regarding a djent / progressive band.
      it said you and a drummer are looking for new members.
      are you still trying to do that project by any chance?
      if so contact me on here or @ 13103472550
    2. stitchbot
      Hey man no problem at all bro I'm glad u got ur cabbie man lol FYI my guitar is tuned to dropped B I wish I owned an eight string but all I have is six stringers hopefully u cud do it lol.
    3. MatthewLeisher
      Hey dude, I'm ordering my cab tomorrow. I'll hit you up when I get it so we can jam. Sorry this has taken forever haha
    4. stitchbot
      Tht must be irritating huh haha but I'm sure u will get one n it will b sweet hear from ya soon dude
    5. MatthewLeisher
      Hey dude. I recently sold my 4x12 to get a 2x12, but when I got the money from the 4x12 the company I was buying the 2x12 from ran out of stock for what I wanted. I'm working out a deal with a user on to buy his 2x12 but I'm not sure when that will be. I'm really excited to jam, though and I'll let you know as soon as I get it.
    6. stitchbot
      Cool man just let me knw wats up. Do u have an idea of a day?
    7. MatthewLeisher
      Hey, just so you know, I'm still down to jam. I've just been busy the past few days. I'll be available next week sometime, I'll let you know.
    8. stitchbot
      Wont knw til Friday sorry I hate this auto spell:o
    9. stitchbot
      Cool man no worries um let me c my work schedule for next week wont knw till today. But shoot me ur number n we cud reply quiker through txt messages. Hope all is wel n once again look foward to hearing from u txt my cell!
    10. MatthewLeisher
      Oh damn, nice. I need to get some sort of pod so I can record direct. I may not be able to jam until next week. My girlfriends family are going to be in town until monday, and I need to show them around. Would next tuesday work for you?
    11. MatthewLeisher
      Tuesday works for me. I got a Peavey Jsx, it's pretty dope. What guitar/amp do you use?
    12. stitchbot
      Um wata bout today or Tues? I'm off til Friday n nce Wat kind of amp u get!
    13. MatthewLeisher
      Yeah I'm still down, I just got a new amp, so the last few days I've been trying to tweek it. When and where do you want to meet up?
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    san pedro,Ca
    aviation engineering
    Primary Seven:
    sterling jp60
    Main Rig:
    randall cyclone
    Real Name:
    Of Havok to Ruin
    Other Guitars:
    Ltd ec401 Sterling jp60
    Randall cyclone
    Effects & Pedals:
    Line 6 UX2 digitech gnx4
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Randall cabinet
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Line 6 ux2, ezdrummer, ableton live
    looking for bandmates

    guitar! writing music


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