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May 30, 2018
May 13, 2008
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Nov 18, 1991 (Age: 26)
Durham, England
Industrial Designer

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SS.org Regular, 26, from Durham, England

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May 30, 2018
    1. sPliNtEr_777
    2. coldm51
      pics of your Ran custom would rock!
    3. warlock7strEMG
      hey man sorry it took me a while to get to ya. ive posted a pic of my Warlock in my photo album thing on here. its not a great pic, but it works for now haha.

      im glad to hear your review on the Blackouts, i am highly considering getting one to replace the 707 in my Warlock very very soon. the 707 has served me well but i could definately use a little bit more midrange coming from my guitar ya know?

      so i was takin a look at your gear list, very cool stuff. i notice that u have a Rivera KR7.....correct me if im wrong but isnt that the Mick Thompson sig amp? if so you gotta tell me about it!!! ive been dyin to try one out. im actually a huge Slipknot fan and even more so, a Mick Thompson fan. ive always dug his tone
    4. warlock7strEMG
      thats awesome man, i think youre the only other person i know that uses a P7 warlock too. i was checkin out the pics of yours and i must say, it looks sexy as hell!! esp with the blackouts in it. how do they sound in it by the way? im thinkin about changin out my 707 for a Phase 2 Blackout in the near future.

      mines a lil different than yours actually, slightly older. its got the ibanez style fixed bridge rather than the tune o matic yours has. for this reason, i got it for less than $200 in musicians friend, they were clearing out the ones with the older bridge design. its black just like yours is and is pretty much stock still, aside from the EMG 707 at the bridge and me changing out the chrome bridge for an identical black one that i bought off ebay for like $10. i did this because i was gonna change out all the hardware for black hardware, but i never got around to it haha. but i will one day, esp those tuners. they just need to be changed regardless of the color, they just dont hold tune for shit!! i ll prolly get some sperzel or schaller locking tuners.

      i gotta say that although i didnt like the chrome hardware on mine, specifically the bridge, i think the chrome hardware compliments yours very nicely with the tune o matic bridge and all. looks very classy. i ll post some pics soon so you can see what your guitars long lost brother is lookin like these days, haha
    5. InTheRavensName
      About the Moser-it's an alder body/maple neck thru, Grover machine heads, fixed bridge/string thru body, Moser custom wound pickups (I've tried about 3 different sets from Duncan/Dimarzio and keep going back to these!). Cosmetically it's mint apart from a small paint imperfection that was on it when I recived it (near the bottom of the top fin of the V, pretty much unnoticeable from +1foot away). Frets/fretboard/neck are all perfect. Right now it's strung with 11-52s in E standard, with a spare set of the same strings. Also, it comes with a fitted hardcase. Looking for about £675 shipped in the UK, although I'd rather meet halfway or something if I'm honest-it's a freaking huge case!
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    Nov 18, 1991 (Age: 26)
    Durham, England
    Industrial Designer
    Primary Seven:
    RAN Custom Explorer
    Main Rig:
    Krank Rev 1
    Real Name:
    none atm
    Primary ERG:
    Ran Crusher 8
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    RAN Explorer 7
    Other Guitars:
    1991 ESP Kamikaze Custom
    1982 Fender jap strat (sold)
    2005 BC Rich Warlock 7 (sold)
    Unknown Crafter acoustic (sold)
    ESP LTD MH-200 with Karloff mummy graphic (sold)
    2010 ESP LTD Alexi 600SE (sold)
    2006 ESP Eclipse Standard I
    2004 ESP Ltd. KH-202
    2008 Ibanez MTM1
    2012 ESP LTD RL-600 (sold)
    2003 ESP Grynch
    2014 Kramer Baretta Special
    2012 Ran Crusher 8
    2012 Ibanez PGB-1
    Krank Rev 1
    Effects & Pedals:
    Fx loop send> TC Electronic G Major 2 >Aphex Aural Xciter > Boss NS-2 > return

    Pedal board:
    Boss TU-2
    Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird
    Rainger Freakenstein's Dwarf
    Amptweaker Tight Metal > (EHX memory toy in loop)
    Ibanez AF-2
    Electro-Harmonix Russian Bassballs
    Favourite band is Metallica.

    Guitars, golf, gaming