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Smeller of Smells, from Bristol,CT

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    1. Into Obsidian
      Into Obsidian
      Fuck yeah man, especially Anacrusis, they were so original! You ever listen to Nocturnus? its florida death metal but the two guitarists are unbelievably technical
    2. MFB
      Yeah, I remember reading that part and somehow they're wounds are just magically better in the books. Granted, they aren't back to normal by any means as Roland is now officially short those two fingers he loses, but Eddie is somehow fine and it's never really explained. As far as I can recall, that's one of the few loose ends in the book.
    3. Into Obsidian
      Into Obsidian
      Thanks bro, Im in to all the Tech thrash like Realm, (old) Fates Warning, Coroner, Mekong Delta...good shit like that!
    4. Philligan
      Shit, thanks for the warning haha. There are a couple guitars I'm looking at with EMGs, and I'm not against them, but I want a backup plan in case I'm not crazy about them. I talked to the only tech in my city and he said you can't pull the posts out without ripping chunks of the top out. He's really opinionated and hates EMGs, though, so I think he just said that to keep me from doing it haha. Time to move to a city with more guitar techs.
    5. Philligan
      Thanks man :yesway: I can't tell you how many times I've emailed or messaged people about it after finding an active to passive post, and they'll be like "no idea, my tech did it!" and I'm back at square one :lol:

      I figured that's what I'd have to do. I was hoping there was some way around it haha.
    6. Philligan
      Hey man, the LTD looks great :yesway: Any chance you could link me that thread about grounding it? I'm trying to figure that out at the moment haha.
    7. BigPhi84
      What did you do in the time that you were banned? Have any night sweats? :rofl:
    8. Gamma362
      ahahaha, ill take your word for it man
    9. Gamma362
      Joe Durant, if you go to his status about leaving hell im the asshole ripping on jersey and bristol lol
    10. Gamma362
      ok i thought so. I know one of your friends lol, random i know.
    11. Gamma362
      dude, i have a really random question. but what is the name of your band?
    12. Kride
      Cuts VERY nicely live mix, and sounds nice too. Very versatile and easy to get good tones out. I replaced my Savage 120 with this and couldn't be happier, MUCH better amp IMO.

      I've got couple of clips up on youtube, different styles (not PRO mixing though)
      ‪Killswitch Engage - Reckoning [cover] with Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK1‬‏ - YouTube
      ‪Iced Earth - Wolf [cover] with Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK1‬‏ - YouTube
    13. MaxOfMetal
    14. OwlsHaveEyes
      Haha yeah dude I've been a member since like 2008. haha
    15. jymellis
      how have we talked so many times and i never sent a request?
    16. soliloquy
      congrats on almost hitting 666 on your count post!
    17. gdbjr21
      Ya know You should bump your post, i dont want to hold up your sale if the guitar is still up for sale when my bank clears Paypal i can try again, but i really dont want to stop you from selling it. :)
    18. gdbjr21
      I would need your name, town your in and your cell # then i can go send it Western union. Paypal says it need 3-4 days to verify the bank info we just put in :( man sorry for all this, my cell is 907-738-5580 might be quicker to comm. that way :)
    19. gdbjr21
      OK so i dont know whats up with our paypal account its not recognising our account #, is there another way i can send you the money? maybe western union?
    20. Faine
      I'm getting into the 8string Djent. I like playing clean ambient stuff, I enjoy playing with sound effects. Tryin to get a band together with a few people. Hopefully we can make it happen
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    boss TU-3 and noise suppressor
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