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Wandering No Life, from Japan, Tokyo

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May 25, 2017
    1. Tsumiya
      Gonna put you in an oven!
    2. H_SL
      Duuuuuuuude, can you make the Remember The Rain tutorial?))) \m/
    3. Tsumiya
      ....That profile picture o . o
    4. indrangelion
      3. This is actually very important. Don't wear a piece of clothing with one of those easily transferable colours/prints when playing the Cygnus. I shat myself when I found the camo patterns on my pants transferred to the lower part of the Cygnus' body. Thankfully I noticed it straight away, and cleaned it up with the microfibre cloth. Even though I had to use a lot of force to clean it up...As for that yellow stuff of yours, it could be a yellow-ish fabric you have which rubbed off on the Cygnus. Highly unlikely that the finish wears off THAT quickly.

      4. How to Restring Guitars Using Split Shaft Tuning Machines (Tuners) - YouTube
    5. indrangelion
      No probs man, happy to help.

      1. Are you talking about blunt, as in non-sharp edges? Not quite sure what you're referring to here. If you're talking about paint chips on the body, then none at all. I keep the Cygnus in its case at all times, and I only take it out when I intend to play or restring it. The Cygnus body is unfinished, so I suggest playing as far away as possible from any walls, desks, or any types of surfaces.

      2. Get yourself a microfibre cloth from a local supermarket. That thing will clear dirt, smudges, oily surfaces, without any liquid substances. No damage to the guitar body whatsoever, hence it's the only type of cleaner I use on all of my guitars. Though I bought a separate cloth to use on the Cygnus only. As I don't want dirt from other guitars to stick on my Cygnus :lol:

      Continued next message
    6. noizfx
      Actually I believe there is a difference. What I'm ordering is basically just a production model, the reason why I need to order is because they've just started making this guitar, they don't have any stock yet, and Tom Lee (where I ordered from) does not have this on order which means even if it's done producing, Tom Lee still won't get it. That's why I have to order one, so when ESP is done making it, they'll send one to Tom Lee.

      On the other hand, your Cygnus is a domestic signature model, and pretty much all domestic guitars are equivilant of a custom shop in terms of how it's made and quality.
    7. noizfx
      I still speak perfect cantonese though! No one is able to tell that I'm not actually a honger! Coz I've also lived in HK for so long...

      Yea I've seen your NGD on that Cygnus, although that thing is a little special lol... I've been wanting the Arrow ever since it's announced, and too bad it's only a domestic model so I can't get it (money issue too), until Jesse released his signature... I've actually got to play the 6 string at his place when I visited Taiwan (since we're friend) and that thing is a dreaaaaammm! Too bad he didn't have the 7 string when I was there, but I'm gonna head back to Taiwan in a month or so then I'll check out his Katana 7 CS! Too bad I'm only getting the production STD model!
    8. noizfx
      Hey niece to meet you! But about me being from HK... well... long story lol... I'm Canadian Taiwanese that has HK citizenship too, but actually working/living in China now... so... not really from Hong Kong LOL!

      Nice axe by the way! The Arrow was my favorite guitar, except I ordered Jesse's signature Katana 7 which is based on the Arrow shape, with better specs (to my preference) so... the Arrow is no longer my favorite but still cool!
    9. ry_z
      "Last time I went to the show, 90% of the auidence are female disturbed me a I rly got the feeling of "I'm officially gay"."

      Before that, you were only unofficially gay? :lol:
    10. indrangelion
      Heya! Hope you don't mind, but I've told a few Deluhi fans outside of this forum to come and check your review of the 8/7 show. If this isn't okay, just let me know ;)
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