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Nov 2, 2017
Aug 7, 2008
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Aug 22, 1986 (Age: 31)
Speech-Language Pathologist by day, man-whore by n

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!@#$?!, 31, from MS, USA

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Nov 2, 2017
    1. HighGain510
      Wowzers, VERY nice! Dig the odd figuring of the top too, that's some tasty quilt action! :wub:
    2. HighGain510
      NOMS! Sounds tasty man, congrats! Looking forward to the thread! :D
    3. HighGain510
      Epic win! :D What finish? I need pics! :wub:
    4. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      Yeah? I played a Torero recently and it was fucking sweet.
    5. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      Thanks Kyle! So jealous of those beauties you have as your profile pic by the way!
    6. HighGain510
      Yeah the string change is to a lighter gauge, if I had gone heavier than the stock strings (which would be ridiculous IMO :lol:) the nut would have needed to be adjusted.
    7. HighGain510
      I have to check the exact string gauge at home, it was the OLDER (as in I don't think they sell them anymore :lol:) D'Addario 7-string set minus the high E string, set for Drop-B. No changes needed to the stock nut on this one fortunately. ;)
    8. Triple7
      I know we've had the Derek Hess discussion before, but I just noticed your avatar and that print happens to be hanging on my wall. Good taste duder.
    9. asmegin_slayer
      Thanks so much for the link, I'll give these guys a call tomorrow. Only 5 sc's were ever made with this color?! wow. I hope it won't be more than 4k lol.
    10. Church2224
      hahah thanks man I appreciate the support!
    11. s_k_mullins
      Pics from Musikmesse 2011 Part 1 - ESP Standard serie, new Models!! - ESP Guitars Message Board
    12. s_k_mullins
    13. JacobWood
    14. sean106ESP
      hey thanks man! Nah i downsized a lot since I got laid off. So just kept on to 3 custom shop ESP Explorers. The rest had to go. :(
    15. s_k_mullins
    16. s_k_mullins
    17. Toshiro
      You'll have to widen the neck pocket cut though, because the Warmoth stuff is Fender spec(2 3/16") versus the Charvel(2 1/4"). It's not that hard, or that much to take off. :)
    18. Toshiro
      Thanks! :)

      The pickguards are from Warmoth. They do the floyd cut, and pretty much anything else you want, to a point. I did drill the volume/tone controls myself though, because I didn't like the positions they offer. ;)
    19. BigPhi84
      You SHOULD be sorry!!!! :lol::lol::lol: j/k
    20. TemjinStrife
      Mine is MIA, but I've heard the MIJ ones are just as good (if not better.) Mine has pickup rings, which means they're height-adjustable. The ones without pickup rings are still height-adjustable, just not as easily; usually there's foam or some springs under the screws to give limited adjustment.

      Honestly though, it's an incredible guitar. It's #2 for me after the Warmoth 7/8 Strat, but only because it's a different tonal flavor (more top end and "snap") than the Warmoth. I need to get new pickups in the new blue Strat before I can really figure out where that one fits in the collection.
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    Aug 22, 1986 (Age: 31)
    MS, USA
    Speech-Language Pathologist by day, man-whore by n
    Main Rig:
    Friedman JJ100
    Real Name:
    None...forever alone!
    Other Guitars:
    PRS Mark Tremonti 10-top (Emerald Green quilt)
    PRS Custom 24 10-top (Blue Matteo flame)
    PRS Swamp Ash Studio (Powder Blue)
    EBMM BFR JPX6 (Turquoise Pearl w/ roasted neck)
    EBMM PDN JPX6 (Cardinal Red Sparkle)
    Suhr Classic Pro HSS (Surf Green)
    Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro (Goldtop)
    Fender CS Robert Cray Strat (Inca Silver)
    Friedman JJ100 Jerry Cantrell signature head
    Friedman 2x12 cab
    Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue combo
    Effects & Pedals:
    Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Crybaby
    Dunlop 95Q Crybaby
    Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive
    MXR EVH Phaser
    MXR EVH Flanger
    MXR Sub Machine Octave Fuzz
    MXR Uni-Vibe
    MXR Carbon Copy
    MXR CAE Boost/Line Driver
    TC Electronic Flashback Delay
    TC Electronic Corona Chorus
    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
    TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate
    TC Electronic Hypergravity Compressor
    Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
    Wampler Clarksdale Overdrive
    Wampler Faux Tape Echo
    Digitech Whammy 5
    Digitech Drop Pitch Sh
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Ernie Ball Cobalt and M-steel strings
    Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III carbon fiber picks
    Planet Waves cables
    Pedaltrain pedal boards
    MXR Brick power supplies
    A lover, not a fighter

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