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    1. PunkBillCarson
      Only hear it when I mute the strings. Like I said, it's not even that loud and even when I'm playing loud, I have to strain to hear it from a few feet away.
    2. KailM
      Do you only hear it when you mute the strings, or is it audible even when playing? If it's only audible when you mute the strings, it's probably just normal 6505 hum. They are known to have pretty noisy preamps, and mine is no exception. However, mine is not so loud that I can't tolerate it. I have an NS-2 which setup in the 4-cable method which completely eliminates the noise, but I actually don't turn it on that often -- pretty much only when recording or when using my HM-2 which kind of pushes the preamp into overload. If you could get a recording of the hum I could probably tell you if it's normal or not.
    3. Arkeion
      Hey! Haven't been on here in a while. Paragould is just right up the road. Cool to see someone else near me on here.
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