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Apr 22, 2013
May 20, 2009
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Oct 31, 1992 (Age: 25)
Amherstburg, Ontario

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edxgxsrfrz, 25, from Amherstburg, Ontario

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Apr 22, 2013
    1. iddqd
    2. dbrozz
      check it dude!
      SoundClick artist: Dev Brow - page with MP3 music downloads
    3. dbrozz
      I dont think it worked..
      MSN really shit the bed, try again?..
      I didnt even get a request
    4. dbrozz
      Haha, gotta love technology..
      I've been crazy busy too, but I'll send it over in a PM!
    5. dbrozz
      havent heard from you after your PM, man
      i added you up maybe it didnt work?
    6. dbrozz
      Hey man,
      Thanks for the compliments! Of course I'll help teach you,
      the best I can, anyways. Writing something that only you're able to control, but I can help you with tips and methods no problem!
      Shoot me an email address for msn or something, that'd be much more efficient for it.
      Also we could exchange GP5's and maybe compose together
    7. dbrozz
      Hey dude!
      I put up a small clip of a song I've been writing,
      It's pretty fresh in terms of what I've been making before..
      Check it out!
    8. ry_z
      ry_z ^^
    9. yasashiku
      lol I'm gonna call you in the morning... if you get this before then wanna hang out? SPAMMING........ not :D
    10. yasashiku
      Stalking <3
    11. ry_z
      Ah, fair enough. I use Pidgin for all my IM stuff, for what it's worth. :P
    12. ry_z
      I added you on MSN. I don't know if you actually use it, though. :lol:
    13. jymellis
      good deal maing! do you have a replacement screw already?
    14. sunbasket
      Heh it was an old project I did on my first 'real' guitar years ago... what prompted me to do it was hearing some stuff that Tom Morello and Buckethead were doing w/ a killswitch. I forget exactly how I did it but it was relatively simple. That guitar sits in the closet these days-- would need to be re set-up, the electronics are kinda fried... maybe one day.
    15. dbrozz
      Hey man!
      Havent gotten round to doing that Zelda song yet - thats next on the list -
      but if youre interested I've recorded a few of the songs I've written for my band!
      Check em!
      Music page of Dev Brow - MP3 music page on SoundClick
    16. dbrozz
      I'd love to hear it!
      Sonar + Reason + POD + Superior.. so many driver issues :(
      Today was all tech maintenance.. what a shame, but soon we'll be recording!

      Thanks bro ahaa Guthrie is just too classy!
    17. dbrozz
      Thanks man! It was a little project I did way back when learning to compose and use GP5. I thought about what to recompose for practice and Zelda and Metroid popped into my head, and I thought Zelda would be kickass. Very nostalgic!
      But yea! I've just written a few songs for my band that kick ass as well, and were going to be recording about 4 tracks including this one for fun with our barebones recording studio! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, it was fun to make as well! I'll definitely send the track over to you once its done,
      You've made some as well you say?
    18. ry_z
      Oh, I actually am in the chat fwiw, I just had a different tab open and didn't see anyone join :P
    19. 13point9
      no worries dude, there doesnt seem to be enough decent new stuff coming out anymore ~_~
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    Oct 31, 1992 (Age: 25)
    Amherstburg, Ontario
    Primary Seven:
    None, Boo-Hoo! I know.
    Real Name:
    My favourite colour is green, and I've taken to making soundtracks insted of "metal" lately.

    My hobbies are music and art