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Oct 24, 2008
Apr 24, 2008
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Oct 24, 2008
    1. Filip S
      Filip S
      hello, you don't know me <_<
      could you rate the blackouts in your s7320? can you compare them with other popular choices for this guitar like d-sonics/ blaze 7/ evo 7 ect? im trying to pick pickups for my s7320 but i cant chose between them, so all help will be appreciated :)

      EDIT: did you really not have to route at all to fit them in?
    2. musicman2879
      cool, well hope you all doin alright.
    3. DevourTheDamned
      yeah, we just got back today, still no power or water :[
      but im at my friends house, so its alll gooood
    4. Josh Lawson
      Josh Lawson
      I hope you are doing alright after Ike. I wish you and yours health and safety in these dark and trying times!
    5. Demanufacture
      did you put the binding on your jackson's d7 neck? if so how do you do it!!!
    6. Josh Lawson
      Josh Lawson
      I STILL can't wait to get that guitar!!!!
    7. musicman2879
      Machine Head & Mastadon were good but dragonforce just sounded like the same song for 45 minutes with no singing hardly. just alot of guitar solos
    8. K7_Munky
      Hey bro whats up, so you went to the mayhem festival how was machine head, did dragonforce put on a good show?
    9. musicman2879
      we play melodic, and a combination of different styles of metal..Everything!! we are taking a break for a few months while we have no gigs booked. i actually think we are splitting up cause my bass player is moving, drummer sold his drums cause he is moving and I am tired of singing, and playing lead&rythym. No big deal.. I need the break.
    10. K7_Munky
      Hey man thanx for the request by the way your band sounds sick do you guys play death metal?
    11. musicman2879
      It is different. I like it .I think i am going to buy new black knobs with white pearloid tops.. He painted the knobs white. They look good but i want it to look a little cleaner
    12. DevourTheDamned
      sweet dude :]
      bet it looks badass with those white emgs and shit.
    13. musicman2879
      Plays great man... I will be happy when i can play fast again...
      The action is great. All i did was take off the wore out DR strings and put on some 56/10 Slinkys and man it sounds great. While i had the strings off i took my buffer and buffed the whole guitar. it has 3 little dents on the front of the lower horn. they kinda look like the ones in between your pickups.
    14. DevourTheDamned
      sweeet, hows it play?
    15. musicman2879
      i thinks he's just been busy or he doesn't know the payment was sent. He seems pretty cool though i don't think i got anything to worry about!
    16. musicman2879
      If it doesnt, aint no biggie, as long as i get my money back
    17. DevourTheDamned
      dang dude, i hope everything works out for you!
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