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Jul 9, 1989 (Age: 28)
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Mr. Big Noodles

Theory God, 28, from Los Angeles, CA

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Jan 22, 2018 at 1:25 AM
    1. Guamskyy
      Haha ok dude, you're the teacher in here so I'll do it! I'll tab some GP files of what I play when I'm just jamming, then I'll tab out stuff that I want to improve on. I'll PM you the link to the tabs and for each section I'll write what I'm doing and/or want to improve on.
    2. Guamskyy
      Hey dude, I need your help! I'm in a bit of a song writing rut right now, and right now I'm trying to get away from song writing and focus more on chords, harmonies, etc. I know an amateur amount of theory (took music theory last year, going into AP music theory this year), and my question is, how can I write catchy, progressive metal-ish melodies by the means of arppegiated chords and harmonies? Something along the lines of Tosin Abasi and Guthrie Govan. I like the way Tosin approaches chords and his phrasing as well as Guthrie's delicate melodies. Your help is gladly appreciated dude!
    3. jin
      hi, thx for the link and i have another question if you can answer: Which school do you think is most important for a guitarist to go to??? e.g berklee, mi, rockschool(the certificate) and do you have any experience in what they teach at these schools? can u learn all the stuff that they teach online??
    4. jin
      Hi, can you reccomend me some websites that will help me in learning all the essential stuff about chords? i dont get your post on my thread about intervals and triads LOL..i want to learn more theory to apply in my music instead of being lazy all the time
    5. BigPhi84
      Happy Birthday!
    6. Prydogga
      Are you still studying right now? I wish my musical education went further than my study of year 12 Musical Performance last year, when I was in year 11. I would have continued but my teacher really put me off the idea of enduring more musical education. It's hard to keep everything fresh in my mind without constant reinforcement though, so it's always good to see your posts to let myself get up to date with it all every once in a while. :yesway: :cheers:
    7. Prydogga
      You may get this a lot, but I was wondering how far you went/go with aural and theory training? You seem to be easily the most knowledgeable frequent poster when it comes to theory.
    8. Devotion
      Well, you inspire. I'm sixteen now, and only seriously playing for a year maybe. I only know one song, and it has beaten my ass when learning it. Indeed concept is more appealing, but school gets in my way a lot (but I know it's important, no biggie there).
      At least I know what to do in vacations.

      I'd like to thank you for your shared wisdom, as I know I'm not the only one who looks up to you.
    9. Devotion
      I'm looking forward to see it completed one day man, just don't rush it, we don't want any details missing.
      May I ask how you acquired all of this knowledge? Did you take music classes or just self-study. As I don't think you study Rush in music classes, at least not over here.
    10. Devotion
      You should write a book. Whole SS would buy it twice I think.
      I'm sure it would consist of 1000+ pages and even then only half your knowledge would be included.
      You inspire me to take music more analytical, I hope I can continue this ^^
    11. McCap
      Was once again astounded at your theoretical knowledge!
      And your very informative posts!!
    12. vampiregenocide
      Yeah. :lol: It was getting to awkward when signing on at uni and stuff. Besides its good to have the same avatar across forums, and one that isn't of a guy who looks like the epitome of anal rape.
    13. vampiregenocide
      Yes. yes it is. I had an overwhelming sense of panic as I scrolled down. :lol:
    14. vampiregenocide
      I just went to check my rep for bitchy comments in class, only to scroll down and see a massive touche on my display.
    15. MusicMetalHead
      Yes. He is version of chuck norris. Also Shady Davey yeah I heard about that. i'm actaully buying it this afternoon. As soon as I get money on my shiney new debit card.
    16. vampiregenocide
      I just googled him...what the fuck. :rofl:
    17. Stealthdjentstic
      If there was an award for actually knowing what you're talking about in the forum, you would win it.
    18. failshredder
      You actually know what antecedent and consequent mean. Be my friend.
    19. ShadyDavey
      Absolutely - generating your own interval maps is going to be a great help. In fact, it might be impetus enough for me to start using it again :)
    20. ShadyDavey
      Dude, have you seen that Neck Diagrams have a pre-release version of 1.7 about to come out this weekend?

      - specify your own interval maps in the Scale Generator
      - performance improvements, e.g. the Diagram Gallery now stores the thumbnail
      images so they don't need to be re-created every time!
      - drag-to-export fixes & improvements
      - Windows users now also get musical fonts on note labels for sharps/flats/etc
      - support for open exported .fbd files and importing or editing directly
      - and other bugfixes etc...

      I've signed up for some trials to see exactly what they've changed :)
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