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Oct 26, 2018
    1. MoshJosh
      Haha I appreciate the concern, but don't worry, I'm not looking to straight trade for those things, need cash on top.
    2. GTailly
      What's up man?
      Thanks for your advice but don't worry, I know what I am doing on this. I am actually selling the Siggery because of some financial issues. I will be looking at really low/mid-ranged priced guitars. Plus, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis earlier this year and I have a constant numbness in my left hand. Playing on a seven feels really difficult and uncomfortable at this point so I made the choice to go back to 6's. I am getting a bit out of the metal scene and am trying new stuff lately as I am not into extreme stuff anymore so I need something more suited for the style. :yesway:
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    norwich, ct usa