Aug 7, 2008
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Milwaukee, WI
Beer. Seriously.

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Likes trem wankery., from Milwaukee, WI

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    1. Stealthdjentstic
      It's always fun to do something you love anyways. As soon as I'm done with school or maybe even after I finish my bcomm I'm going to start a soft drink company or try to. It's just so badass. :D
    2. Stealthdjentstic
      Np, I understand. What are you taking at school?
    3. Stealthdjentstic
      My favorite homosexual, how are you <3

      Also im going to keep sending you friend requests on facebook until it gets really awkward :flame:
    4. AngstRiddenDreams
      Alright thank you man!
    5. AngstRiddenDreams
      Hey Max, i have a question before a post a thread in the classified's. I don't have an Ebay account and i've never belonged to another forum. But i've been here a year and have 800+ posts, does this mean i can not start the thread? I really don't wanna get banned :lol:
    6. jacksonslut
      Will do. Sorry man!
    7. synrgy
      Got a chance to try the Out of Bounds stout. Was definitely tasty, and will likely make it into the semi-regular rotation. :yesway:

      Haven't had a chance to try the others yet, but I will in due time. Thanks again for all the great suggestions!
      howcome the acacia custom guitars thread got closed?
    9. Stealthdjentstic
    10. BlindingLight7
    11. BlindingLight7
      It was a download to what I thought was the entire koloss ablum, but its just break those bones...

      I guess thats akright since it was intentionally leaked.
    12. Stealthdjentstic
      Send me beer :(
    13. Stealthdjentstic
    14. Blynd
      Quick question... under the Guitar classifieds section - is it ok to post a bass "guitar"? I read the rules but didn't see anything about that. Please let me know, thanks!
    15. HighGain510
      Max! :wub: I found a pretty decent deal on an Ibby RG3250MZ and have been thinking about picking it up as I have nothing in my stable that covers the stratty tones. Do you have any experience either with this guitar in particular or with a basswood guitar set up with the same pickups?

      Since this one comes stock with decent low/medium output DiMarzios (Tone Zone, True Velvet, Air Norton) I'm thinking the stratty quack tones should all be there while still being able to get heavy enough when pushed through a high gain amp (model :lol:), but figured you might have had some experience with the pickups in question since I know you've gone through quite a lot of Ibby stuff. :D Any help would be greatly appreciated! I really dig the Edge Zero for stability so while some guys might say "well it's an over-priced RG550 without an Edge!", that's not really the angle I prefer to look at it from! :rofl: ;) Plus the deal is pretty decent since it is used! :flex:
    16. AcousticMinja
      Hey Max, just out of curiosity, have you guys considered making a Super Mega Pickup Recommendation thread? Kind of like the string one in the beginners forum. I know a lot of people ask about pickups and which ones should they get for this or that, and I think it might be cool to have on there so people don't constantly have to post threads regarding which BKP's for Ibanez's and so forth. :lol: Plus, some questions have been answered already, so having people asking this and that in one thread could help out some of the newer members. As they could just go back a few pages and go "Oh! I want xxx pickup for this sound in poplar" or something like that.

      Just a suggestion. :)
    17. Djent
      Why did Mehtab get banned? I don't see him in the Public Ban List...
    18. ShadyDavey
      Understood and 100% agreed Max. They make me quite ill but feeding the trolls only gives them ammunition and exposure.

      In other news.....Dat Parker! :)
    19. ShadyDavey
      Sorry dude, I totally must have missed the prohibition on WBC threads. I normally try to keep track of "No-Go" topics/posts but dropped the ball there.......:(
    20. Kaney_21
      From your understanding, what do you recommend? The RGD2127Z Electric Guitars - RGD2127Z | Ibanez guitars OR THE RG1527z

      I'm looking at getting a decent first seven string guitar. it's important to me, especially being in a band...
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    Milwaukee, WI
    Beer. Seriously.
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    UV7s & JP7s
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    AV 8-String FF
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez & EBMM
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    Ibanez, Washburn, Peavey, Gibson
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    Fulltone, MXR, Ibanez, Boss, Digitech, THD
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    THD, Jet City, Marshall, Avatar, JBL
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    M-Audio M-Box 2
    NI Guitar Rig 3 Rig Kontrol Edition
    I Like Guitars.



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