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Oct 25, 1986 (Age: 31)
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Arlington, TX
Band, UPS

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Team Ibanez, 31, from Arlington, TX

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    1. BlackMetalSins
      As tempting as it is, I just bought a 7620 in Royal Blue. How much are you selling just the body and neck for?...
    2. BlackMetalSins
    3. BlackMetalSins
      Thanks a lot. I already got someone willing to trade D Activator for it. You think the D activator is an even fair trade, and will sound good in the 7420? I never used one, or heard them before, so hopefully you know how they sound.
    4. EliNoPants
      right now i live over on 6th street, not too far off from Mass., kind of an odd neighborhood with a buncha families and college students mixed together, and then a few bars nearby too
    5. BlackMetalSins
      Side dots would be awesome on stage. Blue LED's would look awesome under my 7420's pickups. You should mod 2 LED's under your pickup that match the side LED lights. Go all out on it.

      I am trying to justify it like that in my head, but I need the cash for some tiny bills, and to put aside for Christmas. I'm bad and I'm buying myself guitars, and computer parts. Lol

      I think I'll just take the $380, I've been trying to sell it for awhile now. Lol

      Know anyone who would like to trade a Dimarzio 7 pickup for an EMG 81-7? No one wants this thing.
    6. BlackMetalSins
      Lol, the ENGL can even make a First Act sound amazing. As soon as you said, "Low ballers, and scammers" Craigslist instantly came to mind. Lol

      Hopefully you get that guitar, you need to get to your goal before the end of the year ; )

      The Blaze bridge would be good for maybe, lighter rock, or something, but for metal, or anything heavy, it was horrid. It had to much mid, and highs, it sounded really thin, with not much output, or gain. The EVO 7 kicked it's ass completely, but I think this time, I'm gonna try out the D-Sonic, and Liquifire. That should sound pretty good...Hopefully. Lol

      Do you think $380 shipped is a good price for me to sell my RG7321 for? It has a Evo 7 bridge, Blaze neck, and planet wave auto trim locking tuners, it has no dings, marks etc etc on it either. Looks better than new, cause of the setup. Lol Think I should accept that offer?
    7. BlackMetalSins
      Thanks, it's gonna be quite the adventure. Lol

      How much is he asking for? I don't really know how much UV's are worth, I've seen some on eBay sell beat to hell ones for like 1k. But I'm sure they were over priced. I've had a Balze combo in my RG7321 before I got the EVO 7, and I HATED it. I much preferred the stock bridge over the Blaze bridge, I just hated that pickup with a passion. The Blaze neck was alright, but the bridge BLAH. I cannot stress enough on how much I hated it. :wallbash:
    8. BlackMetalSins
      Well, there's a long long long story as to why we are rushing into it. I am very young for it, but I am obligated to either, live on the street, or move in with her. So I decided, that I'll move in with her, and push it a little further, and marry her. We've talked about it for a long time however, we've been together for over 2 years, and I literally see her everyday for at least 10 hours a day, so it's not to much of a jump in my opinion. Plus I get cheaper car insurance : D However, it wont legally happen for maybe another year, so we got time to make sure it's the right step forward.

      She gets played alright. Lol The tree trunk neck feels great, it is surprisingly comfortable. I'm just not thrilled with those EMG's in it, I just can't get into the tones they produce.

      What guitar is he wanting to trade the UV for? I would love to have a UV, or Jem, I think the Jem with the Vine Inlayed neck is such a beautiful guitar. I would love to have those inlays in my RG7420 neck. I don't think it would look to good on the metallic black paint though.
    9. BlackMetalSins
      Thanks a lot, I can't believe I got a 7420. I know I gotta be a lucky jackass to get it for such a great price too. And thanks, I'm a pretty lucky guy for having a beautiful girlfriend, as well as a 7420. Such a beautiful combo. I'm actually getting married to her, so I guess she's my fiancee' instead of girlfriend...I need to start calling her that. Lol : D

      I was looking on eBay to buy a Edge 7 Lo Pro... But I don't have $350, and I think I'd rather buy a 7620 with it ON, than just the bridge. Lol

      It's gotta be quite weird seeing your old case, and guitar in other people's houses. I take good care of that Hellraiser, that way when I bet her while playing, she doesn't leave me. I have still yet to take a load of pictures of her yet... I guess I need to get to that. She actually needs all the electronics changed out, the selector switch is a little to loose when switching, and the 2 volume pots crackle when used.
    10. BlackMetalSins
    11. Mattmc74
    12. asmegin_slayer
      Don't be a douche, suck a cat-cycle
    13. Variant
      You dawg, I have a 2228. it's for sale. :)
    14. leandroab
      Yo dawg, I heard you like xzibit. So I put xzibit on your avatar so you can exhibit xzibit while you post your posts!!!!!!!!
    15. Anthony
    16. Wi77iam
      yo still looking for a prink strap?
      i found some guy on jemsite selling 3 of them
      Dimarzio clip lock strap - Jemsite

      edit: ahh shit, at second glance, he is looking for 3 :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash:
      just trying to help out :lol:
    17. TMM
      Sounds good. Funny, I was just signing on to ask you about that!
    18. TMM
      Not yet
    19. Mattmc74
      Did you ever find a pink strap? I saw one yesterday in a local pawn shop but it was just a regular strap not a DiMarzio cliplock. I'm still looking for ya.
    20. Mattmc74
      Damn well that sucks. I was sure it would fade.
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