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May 3, 2018
Dec 11, 2008
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Oct 25, 1986 (Age: 31)
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Arlington, TX
Band, UPS

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Team Ibanez, 31, from Arlington, TX

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May 3, 2018
    1. nojyeloot
      YES! CiLiCe ftw!!

      I work in Arlington, but live in Mansfield. Where are you at?

      ... And freakin sweet, you have an AxeFX. I've been dying to get my hands on one. Talked my buddy Andy Godwin (Famine) into getting one
    2. omgmjgg
      I might be picking up a septor 827 to within the next few days, so i'm pretty pumped. Now I just have to get a g major and I'm done.
    3. omgmjgg
      the engl sounds AWESOME
    4. Soopahmahn
      God, who knew it would take forever to sell every fucking guitar thing one owns just to buy a damn Axe-FX?
    5. MaxOfMetal
      Well, they took down the page that my sig linked to.

      That's a win in my book. :lol:
    6. MaxOfMetal
    7. MaxOfMetal
      Raging insomnia coupled with a few Jager-bombs, that god damn Red Bull. :lol:

      Not to mention this (Thursday - Friday) is kinda my weekend, so no need to sleep.
    8. MaxOfMetal
    9. MaxOfMetal
      Well for someone who is so ready and willing to openly bash other's work (he started two threads all about bashing other guitars) he seems completely incapable of accepting criticism. As in, his skin is thinner than Joe Satriani's hair. :lol:
    10. MaxOfMetal
      Well first he left here after the mods held him to the same standard as any other member. He then started which was basically everything he did here such as ranting about conspiracies in the guitar industry, bad mouthing other companies, bestowing his build philosophies as if they were the gospel truth, etc. It was his site, so I don't fault him. Then that site went down, I'm not sure what happened. Then this one popped up. I'm not 100% sure this one is him, as I don't really have evidence. :shrug:
    11. MaxOfMetal
      Sorry about leaving a book on your profile. :lol:
    12. MaxOfMetal

      I was totally fine with letting that radius thread slip into obscurity, but now I think everyone should see it. It's gone from a bout 250 views to over 320 views in the last several hours. I haven't received a single neg rep. I think the thread is speaking for itself, don't you?

      I've said this once, and I'll say it again. I have NOTHING against Huf. I think he's a skilled craftsman who makes a great looking, and I can almost guarantee a great playing instrument. He also seems like a perfectly nice guy. I'm sure under different circumstances we could bullshit some Metal over a pint or two (or ten).
    13. MaxOfMetal

      See, that's not even the thing. He makes product with his bare hands (and the tools and machinery in them) and thus has the right to charge whatever price he wants, no matter what. Regardless of what anyone thinks. Though, I tend to agree with you.

      He chooses to make bold statements, and not accept any discussion. I wish he was here to defend his position, or at least to explain it. For all I know this is just a HUGE misunderstanding (probably not :lol:). Though, instead he and his lackeys choose to label me as an "attacker" who lurks in the shadows spitting poisonous lies and slander "behind his back". This isn't grade school. :lol:
    14. MaxOfMetal
      I went on that rant only after they divided by zero. :lol:

      It was less a rant than me and S7eve joking around over them making an epic mountain out of a very tinny mole hill.
    15. MaxOfMetal
      I wish it was an epic post full of explitives and pictures of Goatse and all kinds of 4Chan fun, but it was literally, and I shit you not:

      In a thread all about Hufschmid pickups, I asked: "Has anyone actually bought a set?" As in has anyone tried the rare set of pickups being discussed. (Go figure. :lol:) I ask the same question in BKP, Dimarzio, Bartolini, Oni threads, etc.

      With that babies started crying, the seas started to boil, the ground started to tremble, as the sky was falling. :rofl:
    16. MaxOfMetal
      If you want one heck of a laugh, click the link in my sig. :lol:
    17. rebirth
      Pm me and ill sort out payment for uv.
    18. rebirth
      hiya man, interested in your ibanez universe, Gimme a shout matey.
    19. Cadavuh
      nah. amp already has too much gain :)
    20. omgmjgg
      btw my vids up on youtube, YouTube - Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - The Union Cover
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    Oct 25, 1986 (Age: 31)
    Home Page:!/profile.php?id=1186102809
    Arlington, TX
    Band, UPS
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez RG7620
    Main Rig:
    Axe Fx> Mesa
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    Primary ERG:
    RG7620, Agile 827
    Fractal Audio Axe Fx
    Mesa 2:90
    Effects & Pedals:
    Line 6 X2 Wireless
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Mesa Boogie Rectifier Cab
    I love guitars

    playing guitar