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Jan 26, 2015
Oct 24, 2006
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Jan 31, 1974 (Age: 44)
Bay City, Michigan
I make ziploc bags! And repair,paint, and customiz

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Mattmc74 Regular, 44, from Bay City, Michigan

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Jan 26, 2015
    1. awesomeaustin
      thanks man for look in out. I gave up search for it. I need to buy xmas gifts, and got no extra scratch for more guitars
      thanks tho
    2. Vairocarnal
      Ok, I'm a day late but I'll send you the confirmation # after I get out of work tonight, I don't have time to send it, reply with the # then go to work. Thanx and sorry for the delay.
    3. Vairocarnal
      Yeah, man. We're still on. Just had to deal with an eviction notice but now that that's all taken care of I'll be mailing monday (Because I work 2:30-11 PM tonight and 11-11 tomorrow.) If that's too long a wait, I can have my secretary ship it while I'm busy tomorrow.
    4. Sentient
      Matt, do you get MTV2? They're doing "Best of Headbanger's Ball" episodes this week at 10pm. Jerry Cantrell & Alice in Chains are gonna be on one night this week (not sure which one; maybe Wednesday). Just wanted to give you a heads-up! \m/
    5. Sentient
      Hey Matt! Yeah, each week is a little better than the last. Shoulder still aches a bit and feels weak, but it continues to improve. I go back to the doctor next Tuesday (10/21) for a new x-ray, and I hope he says it's healing properly. It's been 5 weeks since I crashed, and I'm ready to get out of this clavicle strap they've got me wearing. Thanks for asking, dude. You're the best.
    6. xXxPriestessxXx
      Thank you sir.....everything still going well for ya?
    7. xXxPriestessxXx
    8. xXxPriestessxXx
      :wavey: How are ya??
    9. Abhorred
      Nice! What'd you get?
    10. B Lopez
      B Lopez
      Thanks man :yesway:
    11. HotRodded7321
    12. crystalbass
      hi matt!! Fay really kinda missed Miami...thank God! It is more over Orlando and Kennedy Space Center area.....However, we all prepared like it was coming here, so that always takes a lot of time out of the week to prepare, but at least I"m all set for the next one! LOL Actually i hear there is another one already out there...I spoke too soon, Matt!
    13. Sentient
      Dude, that's a very cool thread you've got there. Great pics! (and yet another sub-forum that I haven't seen... lol)
    14. Sentient
      Damn, I hadn't even seen that. Great stuff! I really need to browse more areas of this forum... lol
    15. awesomeaustin
      Cool, cant wait to see that. The only thing i'm stuck on is how to get the paint of the sides? I know that to do the horns you tape sandpaper to a drumstick or dowel, but the sides? do i just use my palm sander?
    16. Sentient
      Hey dude. Not much, just the same ol' stuff. Hey, I'm seeing several folks with avatars similar to yours. Where are ya'll gettin' those from?
    17. awesomeaustin
      I just moved in to my new house, so I'll probably start on it again this weekend. I just have to finish sanding it, then Ill try to paint which Ill probably send you a message for some tips!
    18. afireinside
      I live near westland michigan, you ASked a few days ago what about you?
    19. daybean
      yeah i guess its possible, if you like it that much. i dont think you will be that happy, like if you want to frame such a small drawing (its about a half page)
    20. Out of this Swirled
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    Jan 31, 1974 (Age: 44)
    Bay City, Michigan
    I make ziploc bags! And repair,paint, and customiz
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez RG7421
    Main Rig:
    Line 6 Spider IV
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez RG7421 w/ green Dimarzio blazes.
    Ibanez RG7321 being modded as you read this.
    Other Guitars:
    Custom made super strat -
    Fender Showmaster QM -
    Taylor acoustic
    Line 6
    Effects & Pedals:
    Boss TU-2 Tuner
    Boss Blues Driver
    Boss Auto Wah
    Misc/Other Gear:
    GT mountain bike- used when i'm not playing guitar
    I love my black and green 7 string emo killin death machine!

    guitars, bass,drums,trucks,cars, bikes.