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orbiting caprica
game tester-tough job but someones gotta do it

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    1. M3CHK1LLA
      great, thanks for the info. didnt think about them having a store since i do so much on ebay-hope they take paypal lol. i will try that set screw thing. the problem is the actual hole is bigger and worn out so the bar just falls out. the other thing i thought was weird was that the trems on both (being special editions) are black nickel (aka black chrome) and not just plain black. when i enquired about a black nickel bar they said it didnt exist. thx for your help!
    2. MaxOfMetal
      If you're looking for a bar for the Edge III you can get one directly from Ibanez if you go here: https://store.ibanez.com/store/Product.aspx?i=2ED2C1B. For the record the Lo-Pro and Edge Pro bars won't work properly in the Edge III.

      If you mean by "the hole or insert you push the bar into is worn out" that the bar is slipping out, and is not very tight in it's holder/socket, you can adjust a small Allen screw on the back of the holder, as illustrated here:


      I hope that helps.
    3. Remission
      In regards to the Lundgren M7's well... there's not much one can say without hearing them in person. They have a ridiculous amount of attack and distortion, rolling back on the volume doesn't kill any grit, it just changes it from insane to moderate. They also have this sort of "coldness" to them that gives it a "machine"-like feel. Mr. Lundgren was a former member of meshuggah, and knowing that you can hear the influence. I consider Meshuggah's tone to be very metallic and almost sound like a machine (lots of attack, definition, but very cold after the initial attack), and that can be attributed almost entirely to these pickups. They're extremely responsive and have amazing amounts of sustain. I paid almost $600 CDN for them (incl handling and shipping straight from Mr. Lundgren in Sweden) but they're my babies. If I were ever to sell my Xiphos they would be coming out and going into my next 7 because there's nothing like them.

      Hope that helps.

    4. Remission
      Hey man.

      Unfortunately I'm not interested in selling my Xiphos ATM but I can offer a little advice. The extra cash / wait is definitely worth it for the better bevels / button placement of the 2009-2010 models. I've tried both, and the increased comfort and balance of those changes are like night and day. It's also got the thinnest Ibanez production neck (barring customs) so while it's centered towards shred it also allows pretty fast riffing (you can tell Muhammed of Necrophagist had influence on this.)

    5. M3CHK1LLA
      ok, thanks - back at ya!
    6. Jamslamsly
    7. Vyn
      Thanks for the add man! Any advice for an upcoming guitar horder?
    8. Bloody_Inferno
      Don't worry, I'm already on the prowl for some awesome gear before I get back to Melbourne. Unfortunately my tastes and my budget have narrowed down to only the RG1527M. I mean, there's some great cheap gear here (K7 for 70000 yen and a PRS SE for 59000) but my heart is set on a maple board 7.

      We'll see...
    9. Bloody_Inferno
      Ello Ello friend. Nice collection you have here. :yum:
    10. Malacoda
      That is on the top of my list, although the Purple Agile Septor 727 is giving it a run for the money - I love 7-string purple stuff. But I don't have the budget for either at the moment so I'm building one instead which is super fun, and I'll be posting PLENTY of pics. I wonder how difficult it would be to put a trem on the XPT707FX - the fixed bridge is kind of strange.
    11. Malacoda
      Haha, I would, but I actually sold it a few months ago to pick up my Caparison. I'm actually building my next pointy one right now, a 7-string V.
    12. M3CHK1LLA
      hello everyone! love brutal music? guitars? games? cool movie? that is what me likes 2! here to make friends, buy, sell & trade geetars. hit me up!

      note: the post below is my response to a poll i started that was then tampered with by the mod(s)

      wow, if the mods can change the polls to reflect what they think, who's to say that the guitar of the month or the song of the month aren't rigged either?

      after my go around with them i guess i have learned that i must first seek their approval before i post a thread-cause they are the only ones who know what is and isnt worthy of being on this site.

      beware what you post...you may get banned. so much for freedom of speach on this site or fair play for that matter!
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    orbiting caprica
    game tester-tough job but someones gotta do it
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    i only wish
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    one day i'll get a "big boy" amp
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