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Oct 22, 2018 at 2:04 AM
Mar 18, 2010
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orbiting caprica
game tester-tough job but someones gotta do it

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angel sword guardian, Male, from orbiting caprica

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Oct 22, 2018 at 2:04 AM
    1. Antenna
      Ha! No I don't know how to find out who did it. I don't really care though whoever doesn't like what I have to say can eat a dick.
    2. Stealthdjentstic
      Yes, Ill speak to a mod, mind giving me some positive rep?
    3. MFB
      I didn't even see that till you said it since I've been offline. Best bet would PM a mod to have them remove it but the reason they told people to leave it anonymously is to avoid wars.
    4. Rick
      Let the mods handle this one. ;)
    5. vhmetalx
      idk why that first sentence is a question hahahha. sorry for that.
    6. vhmetalx
    7. vhmetalx
      You know i didnt notice that till you pointed it out? Why would someone give neg rep for that? im guessing you agreed like i did?

      i'd love to give some neg rep but idk how to find the guy out unless he called either one of us out in the thread itself. unless Mods could help but i doubt they would want to.
    8. Joeywilson
      apparently the mods are dealing with it though because everyone got neg repped.
    9. Joeywilson
      haha yeah, people will be stupid, i geuss theres no getting around it.

      No idea how we can find out who did it, probably some asshole who masturbates in the toy section of wal-mart.
    10. Cynic
      Just people who like to baaaaaaaw.
    11. Bloody_Inferno
      Thankfully, neg rep means jack all to me. :lol: Either way, let it go, it's not worth the hassle.
    12. signalgrey
      what a douche whoever that guy is
    13. metal_sam14
      Yeah I read that too, sounds good :yesway:
    14. metal_sam14
      Id just let it go man, the guy is obviously a dick haha
    15. ittoa666
      You see that everyone else got neg rep too? Drakkar, signalgrey, and I guess everyone else got some negative.
    16. ittoa666
      If there's someone that blatantly tried to start problems on that thread, they could be to blame, but other than that, there's no way to trace the neg rep.
    17. DrakkarTyrannis
      According to one of the mods it's some random moron. The mods are dealing with it. The Banhammer commeth
    18. thadood
      Thanks dude! I rarely play that Explorer anymore (I feel naked without a 7), but it actually does feel pretty nice, all things considered.
    19. MaxOfMetal
      Always happy to help man. :hbang:
    20. MaxOfMetal
      As far as I know, Ibanez only makes the Edge III bar in plain black, regardless of the colors they make the actually unit in (i.e. no Chrome, Black Chrome, or Gold Edge III bars exist). I guess it's to keep costs down. As far as the holder seeming too big, that's a new one on me to be honest. Try adjusting the torque screw, if that doesn't work give a call to 1-800-669-4226, and talk to them about getting you a new "Edge III arm holder assembly/sleeve".
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    orbiting caprica
    game tester-tough job but someones gotta do it
    Primary Seven:
    agile custom v
    Main Rig:
    Line 6 spyder jam 75
    Real Name:
    i only wish
    Primary ERG:
    7 string xiphos
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Had an Ibanez Universe, Agile Custom 7str v, Ibanez 7str Xiphos
    Other Guitars:
    ESP Custom Shop MK II (K. Hammett), ESP/LTD DJ-600 (D. Jacobs sig.), Jackson King V (D. Mustaine sig.), Ibanez DT-555BK Destroyer II (P. Collen end. mod.), Ibanez Xiphos (Halo 3 ed. 1 of 20), Fender Custom Standard Strat (neck thru-24 fret-reverse headstock-no pick guard-emg 81 & 85-kahler 2700 series),Washburn ML project (Dime sig.), BC Rich NJ series Warlock project, ESP F-50, Cort Effector Explorer (the cheap Sears guitar that started it all for me), ESP Alfee Angel Sword (1 of 10)
    Crate GFX-65,Rocktron Rampage RT80
    Effects & Pedals:
    line 6 fbv express, crate 3 pos. footswitch
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    one day i'll get a "big boy" amp
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    my crappy laptop
    Misc/Other Gear:
    tama 5 pc. drum kit w/ iron cobra double bass pedal & zildjian cymbals
    warlock 5 string bass
    playing guitar & games

    God is good


    from texas or live here? check in ---> http://sevenstring.org/threads/texas-sso-members-check-in.244769/
    esp custom shop alfee 20th ann. angel sword (1 of 20)
    esp custom shop toshihiko takamizawa flying a (1 of 3)
    esp custom shop mk-II kh sig (before he had a sig)
    ltd dan jacobs ex sig - bloodsplatter
    ltd wayne static ex sig - treadplate
    jackson custom shop soloist (gone)
    jackson dave mustaine king v
    ibby phil collen destroyer II dt-555bk
    ibby xiphos 7 string - chameleon green
    ibby xiphos halo 3 xbox 360 edition (1 of 20)
    ibby xiphos summer slaughter tour (1 of 4)
    ibby xiphos - 27 fret / satin black
    ibby rg8 white mod project
    agile hornet (king v) 7 string - rear loaded
    cort effector (first guitar) explorer clone
    about 4 grandspas guitars...plus many more lol