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Oct 21, 2018 at 2:34 AM
Mar 18, 2010
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orbiting caprica
game tester-tough job but someones gotta do it

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angel sword guardian, Male, from orbiting caprica

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Oct 21, 2018 at 2:34 AM
    1. vhmetalx
    2. MaxOfMetal
      Thanks bro, the new place is pretty killer. Now I just have to unpack everything. :ugh: :lol:

      What type of saddle? Is it a low profile one, or a non-low. Do you need a "stepped" saddle, or one where they all have flat, even bottoms? I can't promise anything, and it'll take me awhile to find all my parts boxes and such. If I come across one that'll work I'll send it your way. :yesway:
    3. MaxOfMetal
      Sorry for the lack of help mate. I've been in U-Haul Hell for the past four days. :lol:
    4. Antman20
      hey! Yeah dont K7's just kick ass!!!
    5. cypher858
      thanks for the lovely welcome! :D
    6. bobrob
      thanks for the invite bud :)
    7. MJS
      Nice sig. :D
    8. UltimaWeapon
      You mean the thickness od the neck?
      So... I tried some ibanez guitars and the necks were thin but flat, especialy on RG7321 and K7... and the strings were too far away from each other. I played some cheaper schecter models like Omen Extreme 7 which had the most baseball bat like neck ever and very small frets, then i tried a Demon 7 which was better but it had cheap feeling. When i bought mine hellraiser i was surprised becasue i was used to the jackson RX10d which had a perfect neck profile for me and the hellraiser has the almost same feeling just a little bit wider becasue its a seven string :P and for 1000eu or USD guitar is the best cheapest high quality necktrough guitar ever. If i would buy another one, it would be another hellraiser but with a floyd rose XD
    9. juc
      Thank you =)
    10. mrhankey87
      thx so much dude;)
    11. richcastle66
      i saw it a back in august, right after i bought my RG7321. then i was gassing for it forever. i eventually sold the RG, and picked this up off the bay without hesitation
    12. Pish
      Thanks for the invite.
      Nice collection!
    13. richcastle66
      you want the kelly, but you have a sword guitar! XD
    14. k33n
      Thanks bro, nice to meet ya! :wavey:
    15. thrsher
      def. toy around on the carvin site, only need 20% down to start the build and takes about 8 weeks for the build which gives you some good time to get it paid off. so affordable too, smokes the competition on price and the quality is up there with KXK and rico and others
    16. o0BlueJade0o
      Thanks man. And you have nice axes as well. =P
    17. MaxOfMetal
      Don't look at me, I'm one of those good-for-nothings that thought it would be easier to play because it had fewer strings. :lol:

      I still suck at guitar, so I wonder what I'll try and play next. Maybe tuba. :lol:
    18. MaxOfMetal
      Always happy to help mate. :)

      For the record I was a bassist for years, before playing guitar.
    19. knightman
      Thanks man! Just joined, obviously. Finding this site interesting...Where are you located?
    20. asmegin_slayer
      I actually sold that Universe to Adam of Angels a few months back. But I know there are a few uv's around the metroplex.
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    orbiting caprica
    game tester-tough job but someones gotta do it
    Primary Seven:
    agile custom v
    Main Rig:
    Line 6 spyder jam 75
    Real Name:
    i only wish
    Primary ERG:
    7 string xiphos
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Had an Ibanez Universe, Agile Custom 7str v, Ibanez 7str Xiphos
    Other Guitars:
    ESP Custom Shop MK II (K. Hammett), ESP/LTD DJ-600 (D. Jacobs sig.), Jackson King V (D. Mustaine sig.), Ibanez DT-555BK Destroyer II (P. Collen end. mod.), Ibanez Xiphos (Halo 3 ed. 1 of 20), Fender Custom Standard Strat (neck thru-24 fret-reverse headstock-no pick guard-emg 81 & 85-kahler 2700 series),Washburn ML project (Dime sig.), BC Rich NJ series Warlock project, ESP F-50, Cort Effector Explorer (the cheap Sears guitar that started it all for me), ESP Alfee Angel Sword (1 of 10)
    Crate GFX-65,Rocktron Rampage RT80
    Effects & Pedals:
    line 6 fbv express, crate 3 pos. footswitch
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    one day i'll get a "big boy" amp
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    my crappy laptop
    Misc/Other Gear:
    tama 5 pc. drum kit w/ iron cobra double bass pedal & zildjian cymbals
    warlock 5 string bass
    playing guitar & games

    God is good


    from texas or live here? check in ---> http://sevenstring.org/threads/texas-sso-members-check-in.244769/
    esp custom shop alfee 20th ann. angel sword (1 of 20)
    esp custom shop toshihiko takamizawa flying a (1 of 3)
    esp custom shop mk-II kh sig (before he had a sig)
    ltd dan jacobs ex sig - bloodsplatter
    ltd wayne static ex sig - treadplate
    jackson custom shop soloist (gone)
    jackson dave mustaine king v
    ibby phil collen destroyer II dt-555bk
    ibby xiphos 7 string - chameleon green
    ibby xiphos halo 3 xbox 360 edition (1 of 20)
    ibby xiphos summer slaughter tour (1 of 4)
    ibby xiphos - 27 fret / satin black
    ibby rg8 white mod project
    agile hornet (king v) 7 string - rear loaded
    cort effector (first guitar) explorer clone
    about 4 grandspas guitars...plus many more lol